Monday, January 2, 2017

NateOGDetroit! Interviews Springfield Mass Beatologist DoomDaWiz

1. Whats good fam, now we have been building for a short time but i am a huge fan of your work. So for those who may not know your work feel feel free to introduce your self? Who are you? Where are you from? What is your craft?

What's good name is DoomDaWiz, I'm from Springfield, Massachusetts..and I'm a Boom Bap Producer 

2.Now Doom Da Wiz, thats a dope beyond dope production name, 
Whats the science behind it and how did the name come about?
Well I'm a jack of all trades,I can draw, i DJ , and I also have a degree in Film, Audio Engineering and multi media ... and I make when I mesh those all together people say I craft it together like a brother HighLifeHalf said DoomDaWiz and it stuck.

3.What is your earliest recollection of music in general?

Probably like everyone else...growing up listening to ur moms play her records... my moms was versatile with her I got a variety of different music... 

4. When Did you fall in love with hip hop aka your brown sugar moment?

now my Aunt she had the soul record collection and she played the first rap record I ever heard Christmas Rap by Kurtis Blow. After that I was Hop Hop all the way!

5.Who are some of your influences and how have they influenced you?

Too many but I would say, 
Strong Hold Posse, Preemo, Pete Rock, Dilla, Large Pro, Kenny Parker, Grand Daddy I.U....and the Beatminerz there music touched my soul. But I.U. Gave me some advice on my beats and that changed how I made beats forever.

6.Not to show age but what year did you start producing?

To be honest I always messed around with it.. but I didn't really start taking it seriously till 2001

7.When did you realize your talent in music and choose to pursue your talent?

didn't really Pursue it ...I made a beat for Mikey D ...I sent him a message on FB ..and said yo I got this beat I made just for u...I sent it to him 2 weeks later he sent me back a song ...after that I shot his video for his first single "All Alone" ...and when we wrapped that ...I wanted to shoot a video for the song he did for me but our schedules were off. So I decided to do something different I edited a old Fat Albert cartoon to the lyrics put it out and people love it...started to ask who produced the track and since then things took off for me

8.How do you feel about the e-digging vs Vinyl digging debate?

I don't care where u find ur sounds if u make something dope then it's dope!

9.What is your stance on the digital vs analog debate on production equipment?

I don't care what u make ur music with if it's dope it's dope!

10. What is the local music scene like where you live?

I really don't know ...I only mess with select local artists... and they do shows all over. So there not really local.

11. Does the local music scene affect how and what you create?

No not at all..I make music for me first.. music is my medication 

12.Im a producer as well, but what does your creative process consist of?

A big bag of bud. 

13.What does your lab set up consists of and how has it changed since you started?

I have a Korg Triton LE, MPD32, and a hasn't changed love my shit!! 

14. Now you just dropped The shogun beat tape which was a dope beyond dope beat tape. What was the concept behind it, how has it been received by fans and where can people find it?

I made that in one day...and dropped it the next...I didn't want it to be just a thing of beats I wanted to add that Hip Hop feel... I named it the shogun because I just happened to be watching the Last Dragon earlier that day lol. Smoke a L then went to work in it. The public lived it well I gave it away for free and moved units ..I should of charged lol

15.What are some of your current projects and where can we find them to show support?

Well I just finished up My producer team the Audio Skulls Hateful8 beat tape that's out right now. 8 different producers from across the US!! 8 different styles. I'll provide the links 
I'm currently working on a few things first my album The Ugly Truth... with features by: Mikey D, Grand Daddy I.U., Krumbsnatcha, AG Da Coroner, HighLifeHalf, and more due out in January.
I'm also working on HighLifeHalf album that will be out later this year 

16. What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking forward to most?

Secrets all Secrets just expect a lot from DoomDawiz in 2017

17.Do you represent any companies or labels and if so how long have you been affiliated with them?

I own my own Production Company called BCM Studios..Which consists of Film, & Music

18.Do you have any jewels for people wanting to pursue music production as a career?

Just follow ur dream and don't let no one stop u!

19.Do You have any special thanks or shout outs if so feel free to place them here?

Shout out to my family, friends and all my supporters 

20.Do you have any final words for the readers or anything we didnt cover?

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