Wednesday, July 9, 2014


1.Whats good family, I wanted to thank you for blessing me with this interview, Now ive known u since 08 and I know you are dope beyond dope at your craft hoo those who may not know who you are feel free to introduce yourself?
 Thank you for the opportunity brutha Nate OG. This is most definitely a privilege. Yeah man! We Been connected since 08'!!! Building together and becoming better! Well, for those who don't know, I am ReKLisT(aka ReKoNiZe) born and raised in south east Daygo(San Diego, Ca). I also go by ABC(Africaz Blackist Child), Knuckle Juggles, and i have a few more names i've created over the years. But those are all basically emcee personalities but those are Loooong stories! LoL
 2.Who are some of your infulences and what have you absorbed from their styles into your own style?

Man....where do i start... Well, my Bro Chris Price!!!!! you Nate OG the hardest working producer i know!  no question!!! Jimi Hendrix!!! J Dilla and Madlib ofcourse!!!!! 9th Wonder, I just started really started messing with Kev Brown and Early read! Also became new to Watkinz da General! Yes! The RZA, DJ House Shoes. King Coz a production duo out of houston! Robert Glasper, Chris Dave,Derrick Hodge, Casey Benjamin, Jon Jon Webb, Josh Webb(R.I.P) , Mint Condition,Thaddeus Tribbet, Cloud from brooklyn has been a huge influence. ?uestlove!!! Pete Rock!! Timberland. Dr. Dre. Nottz. Kanye up until 808's and Heartbreaks... Alchemist. MF Doom. Daru Jones, Damu the Fudgemunk, Dana Hawkins, Shuggie Otis, Black Milk, Flying Lotus, Tyler the Creater, Left Brain, Q Tip, Ali Shaheed, Isaiah Sharkey, D'angelo, Pino Palladino, Isaac Hayes, Mandrill, Steve Wonder(My parents named me after him), James Brown... Man i can keep going all day... lol NickNoxx from my city! Loving his work! And also my boy Demi Daygo! Met him in high school and we been good since! Amazing artist. He helped me out alot with getting started. Also my sister A.R.E. aka Goddess who got me in to alot of good hip hop growing up and she the reason i started rapping. And The 4MaT coming out of Chicago! Super Ill emcee im currently working with. He forced me to expand as a producer. I'll leave it there for now lol

3.The name Rekonize, how did the name come about and does it hold a special meaning?

The name ReKoNiZe or ReK for short came about as i was heavy into rapping in high school. I was going by Africaz Blackist Child at first but I used the word Recognize quite often when i end a song... Like you know how the song fading out and emcees say a couple last words. I use to always be like... "uh huh yeah, recognize"... So i eventually started calling my self recognize. Then one homie of mine from high school was like instead of spelling it "Recognize, spell it Rekonize". So there it is but i soon realized that there are alot of people going by this name so i had to change it to ReKLisT. But most people still know me first as Rekonize which is cool with me.

4.How long have you been a Producer/Musician not to show age but what year did you start?

I started playing drums in 1992 (i was 4 lol), self taught. I started emceeing with my sister in middle school. i started making beats in 2004. And i taught myself guitar in 2006.

5.What was the moment or event that you decided to pursue this craft?

 Like alot of producers i know, I was a rapper first. But I needed beats. Couldnt buy none and I was tired of taking other peoples beats so i just bought me Magix Music Maker and started making my own beats for myself and my sister. I think when I met Chris Price back in 07 thats when i started taking producing and being a musician serious.
6.What is the local scene like where you reside?
 The local scene, not all that great from my point of view. Its hard to find rappers in San Diego that really mess with my style of production. I've had alot of issues where rapper would say they want some beats from me. I'd send them beats and i wouldnt here from the for like a month. Then I would hit them up like whaddup. Turns out they did nothing with the beats. Lol like really??? There are a few loyal cats trying to work but for the most part, im looking outside.
7.Does the local scene affect your creative process at all?
 The negative things use to effect me but i dont let it now. I try to stay positive and create and have faith that sooner or later, this work will pay off!
 8.What is your creative process like, I am a producer as well but love hearing about the creative process?

Man... I mostly like to be alone... New vinyl or dope samples i find online always get me motivated. i also like to have random videos on youtube playing. Any kind of videos. Especially funny ones or dope beat making vidz. Or a good movie or show. I do most of my work at night when the wife and kid is sleep.

9.Wanted to congratulate you on releaseing a dope beat tape titled "2Late" what was your creative process for putting this and any of your releases together and what does the title mean?

Thank you Fam! Uh... 2Late is actually the first of a series of maybe 3 or 4 beat tapes im putting out. This first tape was basically a handful of beats that i had been sitting on. Some beats i may have submitted to artist that were not used and others were just beats i weren't planning on doing anything with. I finally said, I need to just get these beats out because i have so much work i've been sitting on.  I want to get this out and start off on a fresh new journey. The name "Too Late" is kind've a subliminal message simply stating by the time people start to recognize who i am in this music, it might be "too late". I may be gone. As far as all other releases past and future... the process always changes.

10.What are some of your current projects and where can the readers find them?

Solo Work
Find alot of beats and music at
Forever Late Then Never (2006 - 2008) (AfricazBlackistChild)
Also have some beat videos and music on youtube at

Collaboration with Chris Price as TrUsTeD SoUnDz
Beat tapes titled Honey Bunches of Notes, #BeyondStraiteIll and more beats can be found at
And we also have videos on youtube at

You can see some old vidz of me playing guitar

And you can see me playing drums with the ZZajj Band

 11.What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking forward to most?

One project im looking forward to the most is a TrUsTeD SoUnDz EP that Chris Price and I are currently working on. Hoping to release that in the next couple weeks.Gonna get started on A.R.E.'s project soon. Also looking forward to The 4MaT's new Album which i have some production on. Said to be released by the end of this year or early next year. I have an album in the works with INF coming out of Dallas. And ofcourse, the Too Late series of beat tapes will continue. I may put the next tape out this week. Also, You Nate OG and I definitely have some work to do! Also just met and talked to a Daygo Native MaxtheOne about possibly working on some joints. Trying to get with my Daygo fam Demi Daygo, Von Dreaam and KDoh in the future also. So far thats all i can remember at the moment.

12.Do you represent any companies or labels if so how log have you been affiliated with them?
SmashMouthFm recently invited me in to there family! Much love to DJ TSoul. I work with PBC(Pitch Black Creation) which include the Whole 9(The 4MaT, The 4mula, JusOne) Been workin with them since 2008. Ofcourse Trusted Soundz Music (production duo which consist of myself and Chris Price, officially since 2011). And ZZajj Band(a funk jazz style band located here in San Diego, Ca. Im currently the drummer. I joined the band back in 2008 as a back up guitarist). Hope this answers the question lol

13.Tell us more about Trusted Sounds how did the concept come about for the brand and when was it established?

Trusted Soundz.... LoL... This goes back to 2007. My dad brought me around his buddies funk jazz style band after i taught myself to play guitar because he figured, with the skill i had already gained, it might be best to expose me to other musicians And he was right. Anyways, apart of this band was my now best friend or bro, Chris Price. We both played drums and we both played guitar. I learned alot from him over the years as far as general musicianship. Over a short period of time we started realizing, we were both in to just about the same things musically and even outside music. J Dilla, MadLib, and Mint Condition along with alot of other dope artist was a big connection for us seeing we were both already huge fanatics before we even met. So from there i started sharing him music I've made. He would introduce me to all these crazy musicians and we just kept connecting over the years. Drum battles every week, goin out and eatin at different spots, playing music... Over the years he would always admire what i did with my beats the way i admired his skills as a musician so i figured since he helped me so much, I'd encourage him to start making beats. I knew with his interest he expressed for REAL hip hop, and his talents with live instruments, he'd be a dope producer. So basically I told him, "man, you needa start making beats"... He'd always be like "na...." or like "I'll think about it..". Lol i was determined to get him going so i bugged him and bugged him and BUGGED HIM everytime i got the chance till finally he was like "IGHT MAN! DAMN!!!"  And from there he started doing his thing... And we eventually decided since we was always working together with this music, we mightest well start a duo. So from 2011, we made it official. TrUsTeD SoUnDz was created! Been going hard ever since. And this is only a brief history of Trusted Soundz lol.

14.What is your take on the Vinyl vs E- Digging debate?

I quote a wise man that said "If the end result is one will question it!" I couldn't agree more. Vinyl or internet, just make it touch the soul.
15.what does your lab set up consists of and how has it changed since you first started?
Ah man, well i started off with Magix Music Maker... it got the job done lol Then i upgraded to Fruity Loops and Reason which is what i made Beat Hop Vol 1 with. In 2010 i picked up a Boss SP 303(such a dope machine if you use it right). Now im mainly using my MPC 2000 OG which i copped in 2012. i go back and fourth between Reason, the 303 and the 2k all depending on what im doing. like when im looking to do the cleaner beats im using the software. The 303 is more like my mess around/practice machine. Then the 2K is like the experiment with samples type of machine. There is a few more machines i want to get in the future once my money get up.

16.Do you have any jewels for aspiring producer and musicians?

If you got love for music, don't let no one or no situation take that away from you. Dont let anything destroy your faith. I've fallen victim to this many times over the years because i always would be looking for a faster more positive response or recognition for my art. But I had to come to realize, everything happens in due time. So now i just make my own goals and pray to my God that i succeed. Also, no matter how successful you get, Stay Real.

17.Do you have any special shout outs or thank yous if so feel free to do so here?

just thank God for making opportunity for me. Thank you again Nate OG for the opportunity and thank you for being a great inspiration and example to me. Keep up the Good work brutha! Shout to Chris Price. All my family and friends... Im not gonna start a list cuz yall will be hear reading for another hour lol so love everybody lol oh DJ TSoul another man giving us huge opportunity. Thank you Brutha... ight im done LoL

18.Any final thoughts for the readers?
  uh... Hip Hop aint dead, Im Right here.... and uh... Chris... Quit Work, Make Music LOL.... Deuces!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


1. Whatupdoe family, Now ive known you for a minute and must say its an honor to be able to build with you and I know how dope you are at your craft but for those who may not be familiar with your work, feel free to introduce yourself to the readers?
Peace, Peace my peoples my name is Watkinz Da General

2.Now Watkinz Da General, Where Did The name come from  which is dope btw?
Well Watkins is my last name, I drop the s to add a z... Da General came from a brother of mines by the name of Konflikt
I met off a website we use to be on called He gave me that name because I always stood
on the frontline for my fam...

3.How Long Have you been Producing and MCing not to show age but what age did you start?
Ive been producing for like 22 years & rhymin for 25 years now...

4,What was the moment or event that made you say this is what I want to Persue?
When I 1st heard Run-DMC, Whodini, LL Cool J, The Juice Crew I fell in love with HIP HOP!!!

5,I want to congratulate you on your current project The Salute EP, how has it been recieved?
Thank you fam... I appreciate it! I had another project I supposed to drop but I put it on the back burner do to other
projects I was on... So I had to put out this EP til its time to drop {The Men & Women of Honor II Album}...

6.What is the local scene like where you reside?
Its cool out here... But the only problem that I have is that North Carolina artist don't
support one another... But we have alot of talent in NC from Petey Pablo, Little Brother, 9th Wonder and the whole Jamla Squad, Pee Batters, Tre-Dot, Tye Banks, Seven Da Pantha, Jon Blaq, & BIG S.I.N to name a few...

7.Does The scene where you live affect your creative process?
Nah! I get inspired off everyday living fam...

8.Who are some of your influences and what did you absorb from there styles and incorporated into your own styles?
Marley Marl, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, The Alchemist, Statik Selektah, Bomb Squad, Teddy Riley, J-Dilla (R.I.P.), Just Blaze,
Bink Dawg, Nottz Raw, 9th Wonder, Larry Smith, Large Pro, Ayatollah, Amiri Gamble and my CAT5ive Brothers!!!! I absorb all there styles to come up with the "Watkinz Da General" sound...

9.What is your creative process like as an MC/Producer?
Crazy energy over here famo... Even tho Imma laid back type of guy I like to be in a NC state of mind when it come to this music...

10.I'm a producer as well, but what is your lab set up consist up and how has it changed over the years since you started?
My lab is all hardware... I love my ASR X (Black) thats my main weapon, but I have a MPC 2000, Triton Keyboard that I use every now & then... I had the Mashine but I sold it...

11.Whats your thoughts on the Analogue Vs Digital Debate?
Imma Analog dude like I said before I love my hardware... Not knocking anybody who rocks with the software...
Its just not me!!!

12.Whats your thoughts on E-Digging and Vinyl digging?
Well I love vinyls but sometime its hard to find the vinyls your looking
for so I'll be diggin online to find some dope sounds to create some dope

13.What are some of your current projects and where can they be found?
These are some of the projects Ive worked on... Please support that REAL HIP HOP!!!

14.What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking foward to most?
I got some work with OG Stormin'Norm, Hemanifezt, Jon Blaq, BIG S.I.N., Nate OG, plus many many more...
Im really lookin forward to OG Stormin'Norm-Viet-Norm 11.0 album &
Watkinz Da General/NateOG- Beat Tape

15. How  can the readers stay connected to you?
You can find me on facebook @

16,How would you define your sound?
That 90's Authentic Hip Hop!!!

17.Any Special Thanks or shout outs feel free to place them here?
Yes! Special shouts goes out to all the Blogs, DJ's, Radio Shows that supported my music over the years...
All my family, friends, fans that ever supported Watkinz Da General... Thank You!
S/O to Stormin'Norm, Hemanifezt, Tye Banks, Boss Ty, Aechdot, Shaultbody & the U.B.M Fam, Dutch McVeigh & the whole
CAT5 Surpreme Rule comrades, DJ T-Soul @ SmashMouthFM, DJ Luv Dlux, Spectac & Amiri, Carolina Dirty, Octavious Reed, Early Reed, DJ Helmedia & the whole TTTRadio.Net, Jon Blaq, and last but not least you Nate OG!!!

18.Any final Thoughts for the readers?
Peace, Love & Hip Hop