Friday, June 20, 2014


1. What’s good family, now it’s been a minute since our last interview but incase the readers missed it feel free to introduce yourselves?

Ki: What’s up! For those who don’t know us we are The Ol’ Days!  The guy with the bald head is Rookie Chi and I’m Ki’ of NC the guy with the locks lol.
2. I want to congratulate you on a masterpiece of an album "1979" that’s in my heavy rotation on my iPod classic but how has it been received by the fans?
Ki: I think it has been pretty well received! I am honestly amazed by the response we have got worldwide since it dropped in January. We get random love all over the US and more surprising people contact us from overseas to buy the album and tell us how much they like it!
Rookie The Producer Chi: the people have been accepting it as an eye opening experience, literally. When we do live shows or we post the album on line people usually stop in their tracks to either listen or tell us how they felt listening to us.

3..I see you are opening for some big names and some of my influences like Slum Village, and Talib Kweli what was that experience like?
Ki: It was kind of surreal because I would have a lot of reflective moments as it was happening. I would automatically think back to living with my grandparents and listening to Talib Kweli or SV in my bedroom wishing I could someday be like them. So it’s an absolute dream come true to open up for people you admire and respect so much. 

Rookie The Producer Chi: these are some great opportunities and we got to thank God for that and those who support us because we didn’t have to get blessed with these shows. I tell you Slum Village was so awesome because this was like the group that inspired our sound greatly, I mean we were speaking about the groups we loved before we recorded 1 song as The Ol’ days and Slum Village was on all our tongues. That event was like our "guess what, we rap" party because cats had heard of us but many had not seen us live so it was our 1st real opportunity to connect with those who had been supporting us initially. Being that it was the 1st performance we really took it terribly serious and because it was our heroes SV we took it even more serious and rehearsed as much as we could until the week of. when we did the show we had never seen a crowd that big but it just energized us, we bounced back and forth on that stage and when the smoke cleared and we got off stage we damn near impeded the next act from going on because of the commotion people caused when we went into the crowd to watch Slum Village and our guys substance rip it. Our supporters were very excited and happy with our energy as far as the performance. For a long time almost a complete year that remained our best stage show to date until that is we opened for Talib Kweli. That was one fuck of an experience because we had our own dressing room, luke-warm waters, wireless microphones and a super large audience to perform to. This one topped Slum Village but it was because our energy was on 12 and our chemistry as a group got even more intact and I have no doubt it showed because we still hear great things about how we did on stage and it was a 1/2 month ago. We were electric that night and the crowd’s energy was unbelievable!

4. So how have you guys been since we last chatted what’s new with y'all?
Ki: Yea we’ve really been working hard to keep the music going. We still meet once a week and have writing/business sessions to help push our music to a new level. I work a full time job so the work never stops. You’re always balancing music and family.
Rookie The Producer Chi: the main thing that has changed I think is how many people know about us, I mean we are still in our humble beginning sort of speak but now we definitely see the numbers increasing on everything we are doing and the overall support here in the states and especially overseas is astounding. we have been mad busy with collabs in the us and overseas and of course working on our new mixtape, we stay busy with that but as you know life doesn’t stop so the balancing act between home work and music continues but we thank god for the opportunities we have been getting tossed to us.

5. Rookie I wanted to ask you if you heard any new developments on your documentary about the violence in Chicago?
Rookie The Producer Chi yes I have been working diligently on the documentary actually I am cutting the main trailer as we speak in order to establish the Indigogo or Kickstarter to raise the money to get the remainder of the film done. The soundtrack has many artists from Chicago, but all centering on the events and how they have made them feel in a musical sense. The artists are donating their cut to the film to see that it gets done and I think that speaks fathoms about the artists of Chicago and how much they care to do something to make a real change. Of course Ki will be scoring and doing much of the sound design of the film under Jimbro Records and I am very happy with that decision/placement. I trust my bandmate with my life so a film is nothing to toss to him! I will continue interviewing people up until I close off production to edit maybe sometime in the late winter but it should be a powerful piece of work that will tell the side of the story from that of the victim. Being that I live in the belly of the beast I believe they will have no choice but to listen as it is one of the most honest works I have ever done.

6. Now Ki being one of the dopiest producers I know when can we hear breaking the code vol. 2?
Ki: I’ve been planning to push a new beat project out sometime this year. It’s too early to tell if it will be the long waited Breaking The Code 2, but I do plan to drop something special before the end of 2014. 
7. Are you guys doing a sequel? If so when can we expect to hear some dopness from it?
Ki: 1979 as it stands will be our personal “Illmatic” meaning there won’t be another project exactly like it. We will however keep the storyline going where 1979 left off. I won’t elaborate too much on it because for those who haven’t heard it yet need to go out and buy it. It’ll probably be 2015 before we drop another official album. Until then we have some dope mix tapes and EP’s coming up.

Rookie The Producer Chi: we are currently working on the next project which is our mixtape and that along with fulfilling our collabs is the focus for now. getting more music videos out for 1979 is also a goal of ours as we may not have the budget but we still would like to put our best foot forward as far as trying to get our audience to understand where we came from and where we are trying to go with this music.

8. What was the creative process behind 1979 as far as the album being put together sessions etc?
Ki: In the beginning I would make beats and Rookie would come up with hooks at the beat was being made. Our technique is still the same except now we get tons of beat submissions so we like to have listening sessions and start writing when a beat starts speaking to us. Our whole sound and style has always been based off a feel. So when we “feel” something we write to it because we know that it will more than likely become a great song!
Rookie The Producer Chi: personally I think our main goal was to find out what our group chemistry was at the time and just try to put together a project and keep it a cohesive piece, kind of like a book reads or a movie watches. We had lost a member at the time so our dichotomy changed tremendously, but it didn’t stop us thank god. We continued to meet at least once a week and get business done, then the music. Sometimes Ki would come with song ideas and sometimes I would but the best songs that happened to me were the ones we did from scratch there.

9. If you guys could lock in a studio for a month with an artist or producer who would it be and why?
Rookie The Producer Chi: The artist I would pick would be Kendrick Lamar and that is because not only can this guy put together a classic album, but he can battle rap and freestyle, I mean he is like the total package and he seems rather down to earth as well. Those are the kind of guys we love to work with. Producer wise I would say either Madlib or Dj Premier. Madlib is so unbelievable as far as production goes he makes me just want to go and clear samples while he works. The shit he did with PiƱata was astounding! That’s the only other album fucking with Kendrick’s album to me. Dj Premier was my favorite even before I knew who Dilla was and how big he was so I want a primo lock down bad!
Ki: Personally I would love to do an EP with Elzhi. He is my favorite emcee out right now and I’m still amazed by his lyrical ability. I think that would be a growing experience for me as a producer and an emcee!
10. Anything you guys would like to speak on feel free to do so?

Rookie The Producer Chi: I think that we have proved Chicago’s music scene is wide open, I mean the looks and opportunities we have been getting would normally not be here in this manner. We know what we have is a very unique opportunity and we don’t plan on squandering that for anyone! The Ol' Days are going to prove you don't have to be a spring chicken to do this music thing as long as you love and respect it, and put all your heart into it. We want to show MC’s and Rappers that it’s ok to smile, laugh and be silly again. a big part of what is missing out of hip hop is the comedy and the jokes and people can see from our live shows and the music we drop that we don’t take ourselves that damn serious, but we definitely take our music serious. Chicago has enough people talking about death doom and gloom, just because it’s real and that’s how it is out here doesn’t mean we want to harp on the negativity.
Ki: I agree with Rookie. We just want to let people know that it’s okay to smile, laugh and have fun A lot of people run around with false bravado thinking they have to portray themselves as something they are not. Just be yourself and try to enjoy your limited time on this planet Earth. 

11. Any special shout outs or special thanks?
Rookie The Producer Chi: shout outs: Dj Taigo and all the DJ’s at WHPK that showed us love, Jennet Posey aka Jpose who filmed and snapped photos of us and even wrote an article about us in the Hyde Park Herald to get us some needed publicity for our upcoming show, our guy Montez, our girl Chiquita and all those who came in from out of town to show support. You guys made the ultimate sacrifice and we can’t thank yall enough, Troy, Slone, and all our overseas people who been showing mad love. We can’t forget Substance and Deka Derse, we been ripping some awesome shows with you guys and I believe the best are yet to come. Amina and Coolout Chris you guys have been supporting and linking us up with good people and events since day one and we love yall! Leland aka LP you are the best engineer I know, stay growing with us and watch where we all make it to! Shout out to all who were involved and supported 1979 in anyway because we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you to ALL the blogs and friends that have reposted or retweeted us to get the word out faster and to more people. Shouts out to our very supportive families because yall put up with a ton of our "rap artist" shit and we love yall for that!!!! Shout out to my son chill, I love you and this is all for you man, all of it! Last but not least shouts out to Facey McFacerton.

Ki: Yea I’d like to give a shout out to all the people in our circle, the Dj’s, the bloggers and the fans who have continued to spread our music since our debut! Super special shout to Dj BVAX, Troy “DaHybrid” Brown, Anthony “D2G” Ingram, Derrick Curtis, Ashley Woods, Ladonna Blair, Tony Chambers and Keisha Chambers. 
12. Any Final words for our readers and how can they stay connected and updated to you guys!

Rookie TheProducer Chi: Shouts out to Serena and our guy Kevin Smith for helping us with our web presence. Please check out our website Expect that site to grow as we do one opportunity at a time. You can reach everything we do from there! A HUGE THANK YOU NATE OG for always looking out with the interviews man!

Ki: For those who haven’t heard the album yet please go straight to now and check it out! If you want to connect with us we are just a click away on the net!

Saturday, June 14, 2014


1.Whatupdoe family? Thanks for blessing me with this update interview, For those who may not know who you are and how dope beyond dope you are at your craft, feel free to introduce yourself?
No prob man, and thank you for the opportunity. For those who aren't aware, I'm Nametag, authentic emcee, songwriter...artist overall from Detroit, Michigan. Been at this for a minute trying to get the world to hear me.

2.I wanted to congratulate you on your new ep "The Tag Alexander EP"  which got me re inspired to produce with a renewed desire, but how has the ep been received by fans?
It came out on May 28th, and so far, the fans who've checked it out have been fairly receptive to it and helping spread the word. The "Reward" song and video is definitely reaching people with its message.

3.. What was the creative process behind the ep? and what is the message that you wanted to convey when creating this project?
Originally, I wanted to just do a single series only, based off when i temporarily changed my name to Tag Alexander to build buzz, and later release a limited edition disc version and vinyl. I figured if I were going to do that I may as well just prep an official project. That name change didn't go over to well, but I kept it for the website and EP title due to sort of connect to the original idea.

4.I also wanted to ask you about your label Lead and Be Legendary which is also a movement that i would love to be apart of anyway, how was this created and if you can break down the science behind the meaning of the Label and Movement?

Summer 2013, I called myself being creative saying I wanted a digital record label but just call it "The Label" but spell it "LABL". The name itself, is a clever way of saying lead by example. It's about taking the gift you have to leave your mark and inspire others in a positive way. Growing up, the great entertainers, athletes, humanitarians to had that impact on me. Generally, we consider these people legends. I'd love to someday be looked at as that, even if it's just as an artist on the Detroit music scene. It comes off as an oxymoron, but LABL is a movement for the leaders to follow. We want gifted people to be aware that they are leaders and that it's plenty room for them to be them and inspire others to do the same. Rinse wash and repeat.

5.How is your family doing these days I know in the D its been pretty crazy?
My family is great man, I keep in touch with the extended fam always and at the crib, I can only say that I'm blessed to have a beautiful strong willed woman at home, and a beautiful daughter who's further reason I need to be on A game and "Lead And Be Legendary".

6.Do you have any future plans of doing some tours hitting the road in the near future?
Yea. I can't honestly say an official tour but, you never know. I would like to be part of some dope music festivals and conferences. Always good to network.

7.What are some of your future projects that you are working on and which ones are you looking forward to most?
I have about 3, probably more, the way I've been working. There's an EP with a producer Time Stretch from Cali we've been stirring for about two years. It's done being recorded on my end, just getting mixed, mastered and fingers crossed for this Killer Mike feature. I'm back on grind mode for the For Namesake II album with Nameless. DJ DDT have been mapping out some projects as well. I'm looking forward to them all because we're putting over 100% into each one.

8.I also wanted to say that the Redo project was a classic I just copped it a week ago and its been in my heavy rotation ever since, Do you have any future collabs with more producers and artist?

Thank you. I've been keeping it fairly in house recently. The producers from "The Tag Alexander EP", you may see me working with a lot more often along with Nameless and Stretch. I'm not against any collabs though. Too much talent out here.

9.If you could lock into the studio for one month with any artist or producer who would it be?
Probably Ty Farris or Ren Cen Cool Beans as an emcee and Nick Speed or Apollo Brown as a producer. It seems biased because they're from Detroit but they have undeniable worth ethics with proven results. I prefer to surround myself with artists with that drive. That's seen through people who I feature on songs and producers I work with easily. Outside of Detroit, I'd say Skyzoo and The Alchemist.

10.Any thing on your mind that you would like to discuss feel free to do so here?
Yes, support dope indie music. That's where the great music is right now...especially in Detroit. Lead And Be Legendary, get familiar.

11.Any final words for our readers and shout outs or special Thanks?
Check out my latest video "Reward" on YouTube or directly at Get "The Tag Alexander EP" out now via L.A.B.L in all online stores and streaming spots for music like iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc. Shoutout to my lovely lady, Kila and our lovely daughter Paris. Thank you to all my extended fam, fans, DJs, Bloggers, Journalists, etc. I appreciate y'all. More music coming. I don't stop. L.A.B.L

Monday, June 9, 2014


1.Whatupdoe Family, First Id like to congratulate you on a classic debut project, I been a fan since I ran across your vids of you all on youtube! For those who may not know who you are and how dope beyond dope you are at your craft feel free to introduce yourselves?
C: What up world? I’m C Minor. I’m from Raleigh, NC. I produce, I write, I perform, I play instruments and I engineer. Dope Beats and Dope Rhymes… That’s what I do. did you guys all meet and when did you guys form as a team?
C: Well the first time I met with Chaundon, he was actually looking for engineers for his album “No Excuses”. I had graduated out of school a year ago but I was still going back and using the facilities at the time. Ever since then we have been in contact and he came to me with his vision for Golden Era Music late 2012 and I knew I had to be a part of it. Dunny introduced me to Rome and when I met Rome for the first time I knew why he picked him up. Rome is just dope…
3.How long have you guys been producing and MC'ing not to show age but what year did you guys start?
C: I’ve seriously been producing since my senior year in high school. That was about 2005. I started out with a beat machine called the Roland MC 909. A piece I still have to this day and still use on beats. Then I got into using Fruity Loops around 2006 and that’s when everything changed. Now I currently use Maschine.
4.How do you guys define your sound and brand? what sets you guys apart from other artist, producers and Labels?
C: The Label name… Golden Era Music. Timeless. Classic. What separates us is that I feel we each have our own vision of where we want to take hip hop. I can only speak for me but I’m a conceptual type thinker. I like the idea of having a concept and building on top of that to make something meaningful and timeless. I’m not just talking songs either. I mean whole projects. The thing that separates me from these other artists out here is that I have a vision and it’s not focused on fame or money. It’s focused on the central theme of giving the people something they can use and apply in life. To help them have a good time or either ease the tension of the day. I want the people to be able to relate… because that’s something hip hop is missing in my opinion. Relationship…
5.who are some of you guys influences from when you initially got started till now and what is something you absorbed from their style that you incorporated into your individual styles?
C: I have a long list of influences. My biggest influence as an emcee is Mos Def… AKA Yasiin Bey. What I love about Mos’s music is that he uses imagery in a crazy way. That’s one thing I try to do in every song. Lupe Fiasco is an influence… He’s probably one of the most technical emcees that I’ve had the privilege to listen to. The way he uses puns/similes/metaphors/etc, just amazes me at times. As far as producers go J. Dilla. I feel like I don’t need to say anymore. Dilla was a master of this hip hop music. His drums were immaculate and his sample choice was always so dope and rich. 9th Wonder is also an influence as well as guys like Kanye, Just Blaze, Flying Lotus, etc. The list goes on man.
6.What are some of your pet peeves as MC's and Producers?
C: My pet peeves? Rappers out here treating the music like it’s a pyramid scheme. Faking it til you make it type of deal. I mean if you getting ya money I can’t even be mad at you because that’s what you’re doing. But don’t make it sound like you ballin outta control, driving in the fly whips when you still living with ya peoples. The lack of creativity in hip hop kinda kills it for me too man. I feel like we as artists in this genre can be so much more and do so much more. Why stay with the same repetitive stuff? Be Greater to Achieve Greater. As far as producers go… Stop biting other people’s styles. Its okay to be influenced by someone or even a group of people but I’ve seen guys switch over from soul beats to trap music just because the market is there right now. That’s cool if you’re about your bread. I can’t even front I try to make trap beats from time to time as well. But I try to keep it as original as a possibly can and I have fun with it. But seriously… capture and develop your own style. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Do something that scares you like create something that nobody has heard before.
8.How did your names come about both are dope i might add?
C: Well… C Minor is actually my government. I used to go by “Kineticz” because I was always out to be progressive with my music. Pushing the times along and what not. But when I went to school cats started really noticing my name. My first name is Cedric… Last name Minor. One of my classmates told me, “Man your name is C Minor? Like the Note? Man if you weren’t born to do music I don’t know anyone who is”. So from that day on it stuck.
9.How has the Stars Earn Stripes Album been received by the fans?
C: I think it’s translating well. People are catching on slowly but surely. I’m starting to see new people reblog more of my music or sharing my music with their friends and it’s a blessing man.
10.What are your creative processes like, Im a producer myself chaundon will tell you but i always love to hear from the artist and producer standpoint without giving away any sector seven secrets?
C: Life is my creative process. Some days I’ll sit in the studio and just listen to music. Eat some Lifesavers gummies and just chill til something hits me. Other times I’ll just play around with different sounds in Komplete 9 and just start building a foundation then adding pieces to build my beat up. Other times I’ll be riding in the car and I’ll hear a hard sample that I really wanna flip. I get the song, I get home, and I get on the maschine to get some work done.
11.How has your process changed over years since you originally began at your crafts?
C: It really hasn’t. I’ve learned from the greats but I’m also experimenting myself. If anything that might be the only change… how I mix and play with my beats. I’ll throw distortion on the drums to make them sound dirty but still retain a crisp type of sound underlying it sometimes or do something like that… I’m trying to do something that hasn’t been done yet. So to get something you’ve never had you gotta do things you’ve never done. Try different things and think outside the box. I’m trying to live outside of the box. The greatest did it… So why wouldn’t I?
12.If you could define the Golden Era Music Inc Sound what would best describe it?
C: Classic. Timeless. Substantial. Raw. Dope. Fun. That’s all it ever needs to be.
13.Where are you guys originally from and where do you currently reside?
C: I’m from North Carolina born and raised. Was born in New Bern, NC but now I currently live in Wake Forest.
14.What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking forward to most?
C: I’m looking forward to dropping a mixtape called, “Revolutionary Suicide” in honor of one of my personal heroes and influences. Huey P. Newton. But the one I’m really looking forward to getting done is my debut album “The Ultrasound”. Dope concept… It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard. EVER! Mark my words…
15.what are the best ways to stay connected and updated with you guys?
C: Man you can keep up with me on twitter follow @lifeinmykey. You can follow me on tumblr I also have my own Soundcloud and that Follow/Reblog/Retweet spread love yall. I like to talk to the fans and the people that enjoy the music so feel free to hit me up. I’ll always respond.
16.Do you have any jewels for aspiring producers and artist that you have learned along the way?
C: I’m still an aspiring producer and artists. Lol. But I guess if I were to say anything to the ones out there wishing to do this seriously. Pick up an instrument… preferably keyboard/piano and study it. Learn how to play an instrument… Don’t rely on sampling. Have fun doing it. If not there is no point in doing this. Also be able to adapt but able to find your own style and be patient. This producer/artist thing isn’t gonna come overnight. You gotta put in work and be dedicated to it. If not you’re wasting your time.
17.Any special thanks or final thoughts for the readers?
C: Support dope music. Stay dedicated to whatever dream you have. I don’t care if you wanna be a professional ball player or whatever your dream is. Go for yours and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it. You want it go and get it. It’s that simple.

Recording Artist/Song Writer/Producer
Golden Era Music Inc.
twitter: @Chaundon 
STARS EARN STRIPES available on iTunes now
BY THE WAY available on iTunes now