Saturday, June 14, 2014


1.Whatupdoe family? Thanks for blessing me with this update interview, For those who may not know who you are and how dope beyond dope you are at your craft, feel free to introduce yourself?
No prob man, and thank you for the opportunity. For those who aren't aware, I'm Nametag, authentic emcee, songwriter...artist overall from Detroit, Michigan. Been at this for a minute trying to get the world to hear me.

2.I wanted to congratulate you on your new ep "The Tag Alexander EP"  which got me re inspired to produce with a renewed desire, but how has the ep been received by fans?
It came out on May 28th, and so far, the fans who've checked it out have been fairly receptive to it and helping spread the word. The "Reward" song and video is definitely reaching people with its message.

3.. What was the creative process behind the ep? and what is the message that you wanted to convey when creating this project?
Originally, I wanted to just do a single series only, based off when i temporarily changed my name to Tag Alexander to build buzz, and later release a limited edition disc version and vinyl. I figured if I were going to do that I may as well just prep an official project. That name change didn't go over to well, but I kept it for the website and EP title due to sort of connect to the original idea.

4.I also wanted to ask you about your label Lead and Be Legendary which is also a movement that i would love to be apart of anyway, how was this created and if you can break down the science behind the meaning of the Label and Movement?

Summer 2013, I called myself being creative saying I wanted a digital record label but just call it "The Label" but spell it "LABL". The name itself, is a clever way of saying lead by example. It's about taking the gift you have to leave your mark and inspire others in a positive way. Growing up, the great entertainers, athletes, humanitarians to had that impact on me. Generally, we consider these people legends. I'd love to someday be looked at as that, even if it's just as an artist on the Detroit music scene. It comes off as an oxymoron, but LABL is a movement for the leaders to follow. We want gifted people to be aware that they are leaders and that it's plenty room for them to be them and inspire others to do the same. Rinse wash and repeat.

5.How is your family doing these days I know in the D its been pretty crazy?
My family is great man, I keep in touch with the extended fam always and at the crib, I can only say that I'm blessed to have a beautiful strong willed woman at home, and a beautiful daughter who's further reason I need to be on A game and "Lead And Be Legendary".

6.Do you have any future plans of doing some tours hitting the road in the near future?
Yea. I can't honestly say an official tour but, you never know. I would like to be part of some dope music festivals and conferences. Always good to network.

7.What are some of your future projects that you are working on and which ones are you looking forward to most?
I have about 3, probably more, the way I've been working. There's an EP with a producer Time Stretch from Cali we've been stirring for about two years. It's done being recorded on my end, just getting mixed, mastered and fingers crossed for this Killer Mike feature. I'm back on grind mode for the For Namesake II album with Nameless. DJ DDT have been mapping out some projects as well. I'm looking forward to them all because we're putting over 100% into each one.

8.I also wanted to say that the Redo project was a classic I just copped it a week ago and its been in my heavy rotation ever since, Do you have any future collabs with more producers and artist?

Thank you. I've been keeping it fairly in house recently. The producers from "The Tag Alexander EP", you may see me working with a lot more often along with Nameless and Stretch. I'm not against any collabs though. Too much talent out here.

9.If you could lock into the studio for one month with any artist or producer who would it be?
Probably Ty Farris or Ren Cen Cool Beans as an emcee and Nick Speed or Apollo Brown as a producer. It seems biased because they're from Detroit but they have undeniable worth ethics with proven results. I prefer to surround myself with artists with that drive. That's seen through people who I feature on songs and producers I work with easily. Outside of Detroit, I'd say Skyzoo and The Alchemist.

10.Any thing on your mind that you would like to discuss feel free to do so here?
Yes, support dope indie music. That's where the great music is right now...especially in Detroit. Lead And Be Legendary, get familiar.

11.Any final words for our readers and shout outs or special Thanks?
Check out my latest video "Reward" on YouTube or directly at Get "The Tag Alexander EP" out now via L.A.B.L in all online stores and streaming spots for music like iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc. Shoutout to my lovely lady, Kila and our lovely daughter Paris. Thank you to all my extended fam, fans, DJs, Bloggers, Journalists, etc. I appreciate y'all. More music coming. I don't stop. L.A.B.L

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