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1.Whatupdoe Family, First Id like to congratulate you on a classic debut project, I been a fan since I ran across your vids of you all on youtube! For those who may not know who you are and how dope beyond dope you are at your craft feel free to introduce yourselves?
C: What up world? I’m C Minor. I’m from Raleigh, NC. I produce, I write, I perform, I play instruments and I engineer. Dope Beats and Dope Rhymes… That’s what I do. did you guys all meet and when did you guys form as a team?
C: Well the first time I met with Chaundon, he was actually looking for engineers for his album “No Excuses”. I had graduated out of school a year ago but I was still going back and using the facilities at the time. Ever since then we have been in contact and he came to me with his vision for Golden Era Music late 2012 and I knew I had to be a part of it. Dunny introduced me to Rome and when I met Rome for the first time I knew why he picked him up. Rome is just dope…
3.How long have you guys been producing and MC'ing not to show age but what year did you guys start?
C: I’ve seriously been producing since my senior year in high school. That was about 2005. I started out with a beat machine called the Roland MC 909. A piece I still have to this day and still use on beats. Then I got into using Fruity Loops around 2006 and that’s when everything changed. Now I currently use Maschine.
4.How do you guys define your sound and brand? what sets you guys apart from other artist, producers and Labels?
C: The Label name… Golden Era Music. Timeless. Classic. What separates us is that I feel we each have our own vision of where we want to take hip hop. I can only speak for me but I’m a conceptual type thinker. I like the idea of having a concept and building on top of that to make something meaningful and timeless. I’m not just talking songs either. I mean whole projects. The thing that separates me from these other artists out here is that I have a vision and it’s not focused on fame or money. It’s focused on the central theme of giving the people something they can use and apply in life. To help them have a good time or either ease the tension of the day. I want the people to be able to relate… because that’s something hip hop is missing in my opinion. Relationship…
5.who are some of you guys influences from when you initially got started till now and what is something you absorbed from their style that you incorporated into your individual styles?
C: I have a long list of influences. My biggest influence as an emcee is Mos Def… AKA Yasiin Bey. What I love about Mos’s music is that he uses imagery in a crazy way. That’s one thing I try to do in every song. Lupe Fiasco is an influence… He’s probably one of the most technical emcees that I’ve had the privilege to listen to. The way he uses puns/similes/metaphors/etc, just amazes me at times. As far as producers go J. Dilla. I feel like I don’t need to say anymore. Dilla was a master of this hip hop music. His drums were immaculate and his sample choice was always so dope and rich. 9th Wonder is also an influence as well as guys like Kanye, Just Blaze, Flying Lotus, etc. The list goes on man.
6.What are some of your pet peeves as MC's and Producers?
C: My pet peeves? Rappers out here treating the music like it’s a pyramid scheme. Faking it til you make it type of deal. I mean if you getting ya money I can’t even be mad at you because that’s what you’re doing. But don’t make it sound like you ballin outta control, driving in the fly whips when you still living with ya peoples. The lack of creativity in hip hop kinda kills it for me too man. I feel like we as artists in this genre can be so much more and do so much more. Why stay with the same repetitive stuff? Be Greater to Achieve Greater. As far as producers go… Stop biting other people’s styles. Its okay to be influenced by someone or even a group of people but I’ve seen guys switch over from soul beats to trap music just because the market is there right now. That’s cool if you’re about your bread. I can’t even front I try to make trap beats from time to time as well. But I try to keep it as original as a possibly can and I have fun with it. But seriously… capture and develop your own style. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Do something that scares you like create something that nobody has heard before.
8.How did your names come about both are dope i might add?
C: Well… C Minor is actually my government. I used to go by “Kineticz” because I was always out to be progressive with my music. Pushing the times along and what not. But when I went to school cats started really noticing my name. My first name is Cedric… Last name Minor. One of my classmates told me, “Man your name is C Minor? Like the Note? Man if you weren’t born to do music I don’t know anyone who is”. So from that day on it stuck.
9.How has the Stars Earn Stripes Album been received by the fans?
C: I think it’s translating well. People are catching on slowly but surely. I’m starting to see new people reblog more of my music or sharing my music with their friends and it’s a blessing man.
10.What are your creative processes like, Im a producer myself chaundon will tell you but i always love to hear from the artist and producer standpoint without giving away any sector seven secrets?
C: Life is my creative process. Some days I’ll sit in the studio and just listen to music. Eat some Lifesavers gummies and just chill til something hits me. Other times I’ll just play around with different sounds in Komplete 9 and just start building a foundation then adding pieces to build my beat up. Other times I’ll be riding in the car and I’ll hear a hard sample that I really wanna flip. I get the song, I get home, and I get on the maschine to get some work done.
11.How has your process changed over years since you originally began at your crafts?
C: It really hasn’t. I’ve learned from the greats but I’m also experimenting myself. If anything that might be the only change… how I mix and play with my beats. I’ll throw distortion on the drums to make them sound dirty but still retain a crisp type of sound underlying it sometimes or do something like that… I’m trying to do something that hasn’t been done yet. So to get something you’ve never had you gotta do things you’ve never done. Try different things and think outside the box. I’m trying to live outside of the box. The greatest did it… So why wouldn’t I?
12.If you could define the Golden Era Music Inc Sound what would best describe it?
C: Classic. Timeless. Substantial. Raw. Dope. Fun. That’s all it ever needs to be.
13.Where are you guys originally from and where do you currently reside?
C: I’m from North Carolina born and raised. Was born in New Bern, NC but now I currently live in Wake Forest.
14.What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking forward to most?
C: I’m looking forward to dropping a mixtape called, “Revolutionary Suicide” in honor of one of my personal heroes and influences. Huey P. Newton. But the one I’m really looking forward to getting done is my debut album “The Ultrasound”. Dope concept… It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard. EVER! Mark my words…
15.what are the best ways to stay connected and updated with you guys?
C: Man you can keep up with me on twitter follow @lifeinmykey. You can follow me on tumblr I also have my own Soundcloud and that Follow/Reblog/Retweet spread love yall. I like to talk to the fans and the people that enjoy the music so feel free to hit me up. I’ll always respond.
16.Do you have any jewels for aspiring producers and artist that you have learned along the way?
C: I’m still an aspiring producer and artists. Lol. But I guess if I were to say anything to the ones out there wishing to do this seriously. Pick up an instrument… preferably keyboard/piano and study it. Learn how to play an instrument… Don’t rely on sampling. Have fun doing it. If not there is no point in doing this. Also be able to adapt but able to find your own style and be patient. This producer/artist thing isn’t gonna come overnight. You gotta put in work and be dedicated to it. If not you’re wasting your time.
17.Any special thanks or final thoughts for the readers?
C: Support dope music. Stay dedicated to whatever dream you have. I don’t care if you wanna be a professional ball player or whatever your dream is. Go for yours and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it. You want it go and get it. It’s that simple.

Recording Artist/Song Writer/Producer
Golden Era Music Inc.
twitter: @Chaundon 
STARS EARN STRIPES available on iTunes now
BY THE WAY available on iTunes now

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