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1. Whats good family? I really wanted to say thanks for blessing me with this interview? I know that your one of my new favorite groups and that your dope beyond dope at what you guys do but for those who may not be familiar with your work feel free to introduce yourselves?

- Thanx you fam for the opportunity. We are Mixo (Producer/ MC), Kid Boombox (MC) and Mic Audio (MC) of the Stereo Boyz. I, Mixo am from Detroit, MI, so is my brother Kid Boomboy & Mic Audio is from Chicago, IL. We are based in Detroit, MI & Berlin,Germany but we go to where ever the fans want us. 

2.How did the name come about i must admit its a dope name and what is the emaning behind it?- Stereo is how our message is heard & Boyz represents something we each found in our youth that not only brought us together but brings people we are yet to meet together in a positive way. ...her name is Hip-Hop

3.How did you guys get together and form The Stereo Boyz?
We have been recording since 1999, used to be in a group called the “Rhyme Asylum” and formed the “Stereo Boyz” in 2010. At the highest peak of our career as Rhyme Asylum, the members got big headed and started to get a lil too wild, we had an alcoholic, a bank-robber, and a pill popper, which led to a lack of work ethic and overall misrepresented the group. The three of us decided we had to separate ourselves from that and we were stuck in a dilemma where we had two choices, quitting was not an option so we started our own group. No matter what happened though, our fellow Rhyme Asylum members will always be family to us and we wish them nothing but the best.

4.Individually how long have been MC'ing not to show age but what year did you start?
Mixo 96
Mic Audio 98
Kid Boombox 99

5.What are some of you guys influences and what did you absorb from them to apply to your style of MC;ing?

Mic Audio: Cannibus for lyrical content, Nas Street content, Redman on having fun being me.
Kid Boombox: Mos Def for lyric content, Eminem for Style delivery, Mixo & Mic Audio for everything else.
Mixo: Pete Rock, Rza, Q-Tip's production & leading something bigger than self, Biggie & Puff for lyricism/business, and Detroit in all aspects.
6.Explain the difference between being an MC and A Rapper?
A Rapper is someone learning to rap. Emcee is the graduate.

7.What was the moment or event that made you guys decide that this what you wanted to pursue?
Mic Audio: The moment I ripped my cousin lyrically. 
Kid Boombox: When Mixo got his 1st MPC.
Mixo- Since 12 years old I would go in my dads studio & learn for self but when I turned 16 I realized I had to choose between Music, which I love, and these streets which I like alot but almost took my life more times than save it, or the work force where I watched the part of my family that weren't in the streets dieing, growing angry struggle through. At that point Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "T.R.O.Y." made that decision for me. Haven't stopped since.

8.Now we are both from Detroit, but what is the music scene like currently?
Everything u could image & more. If u not from here come experience it. If u do, start looking for the beauty because it's there & blossoming. 

9.Does the local scene affect your creative process at all?
We were raised here so it's apart of us & no matter where we at we can go home through music but also can go anywhere if we are home or not. The mind is the 1st & greatest tool.

10.What is your creative process like and how has it changed over your career?
We have been doing the same process since we started: "Building". Anywhere we can charge up, equipt, record a verse, doesn't matter. 
We just got together to build with like minded people. U have to be there to experice what it truly is. You should swing through sometime.

11.Do you represent any companies or labels if so what are they and how long have you been affiliated?
Stereo Boyz & Stereo Crew are unsigned, for the people by the people. We have affiliates such as 5E Gallery, the Raiz Up, etc. We are always open, just haven't seen the right contract or digits ;).

12.What are some of your current projects and where can they be found
Our album "Carz, Clubz, Theaterz" in out now as well as Mic Audio's new EP "Hometown Advantage". 

13.What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking forward two the most?
Mixo's Lp "TeRayU: True Real Understanding" will be released late summer. Everybody from the Stereo Crew is in the lab constantly so we have years of releases on deck. Dont want to ruin the surprise though.

14. how can people stay connected and update with you guys? You can join the mailing list there. Twitter (@TheStereoBoyz) , Facebook ( Drop us a comment, we love to kick it with our fans. Ya'll help us stay focused #PeaceLoveUnity

15. Do you have any special thanks or shout outs if so feel free to do so here?
-Fans, family, friends, the universe.

16.Do you have any jewels for aspiring artist?
Mic Audio: Be you & you be inspiring
Kid Boombox: Join the Stereo Crew movement & the answer will be there
MixO: Do, then don't cause u will never know until u try & try again. 

17.Any final thougts?
Enjoy life cause this 1 is only 1. Dont stop at the pursuit, really obtain Happiness.

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