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1.Whatupdoe big bro, Now i know your a beast to say the least at what you do but for those who may not be familiar with your work, feel free to introduce yourself?

Bethoven: What up doe

Bethoven: Black Bethoven a novice producer from Detroit, Michigan

2.Now the name Black Bethoven has a presence to it more of a title how did the name come about or what inspired it?

Bethoven: Well I had hip hop tracks in an orchestral structure sometimes and this one rapper was joking about how the tracks sounds like an hip hop Beethoven.
So I chose it as a name but respect to Beethoven I spell it Bethoven.

3.Now Ive been a fan since I heard you on Nametag's Courtesy Of Ambition I believe but how long have you been producing not to the age but what year did you start?

Bethoven:1995 I was making tracks for a group I was rapping with. Then my good friend "IQ" who was rapping then encouraged me to make music when he heard a track I composed.

3.Who have you produced for in case people know the music but not the person you are behind it?

Bethoven: Well, let me see. There is Nametag, Jigsaw, 5 ELA, Venus Sky, Alius Pknukkl and then there are singles I have made floating around for artist I had the honor as well to compose tracks for.

4.Where are you originally from, I know this but for those who may not know and where do you currently reside?

Bethoven: Im from Detroit, Michigan and back residing as of today

5.Now Me, You and Nametag are from the same city but from a former resident of the great Motown what does the city represent to you?

Bethoven: It represents Heart, Integrity, a great imagination to build with a passion off the history

6. What are some of the differences you noticed from Detroit to overseas where u reside now it seems like a smart move i know another influence of mine Tall Black guy made the move about two years ago or maybe less?

Bethoven: Thats in the future for my move. I have family over there who is a musician. Just chilled for a minute with him. When I was with him I made connections and understood the respect for music over there. Sorry If I gave you a misunderstanding

7.What was the moment or event that made you say this is what i want to do i heard black milk speak via red bull and if I'm not mistaken you, Nametag and Black Milk are related but I'm curious to know this is a fan and fellow producer?

Bethoven:I was five when I decided. I watched my Mom and her family sing and play instruments in church. As for Nametag and Black Milk, we are all related. Im a fan of both of them before they chosed this profession. Im very proud of them.

8. What is your current lab setup and how has it changed since you got started?

Bethoven: A computer I built with mostly Pro Tools and Reason 6.5
Far as has it changed not by much just different speakers and monitor and a controller added to the arsenal.

9. As a producer and musician, what is some of your pet peeves about working with artist in the studio?

Bethoven: Not learning their lyrics, cell phones not on vibrate, smoking and drinking before recording it actually affects the vocal cords. Your voice is your instrument.

10.Does your current or former residence affect your creative process?

Bethoven: No

11.What are some of your current projects and where can we find them?


12.What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking forward
to most?

Bethoven: Im thinking of doing one more beat cd and another Emcee showcase cd. and then fall back and live.

13.How do you define your sound ?


14.How can people connect and stay updated on what your up to?

Bethoven: Facebook and Twitter and updates are on Black Bethoven

15.Do you have any words of wisdom or jewels for aspiring producers like myself and various others?

Bethoven: "Be yourself. The best thing you can give the world is your true self." Develope an ear by listening to more than just your favorite genre. 

16.Do you have any special thanks or thanks to give feel free to drop them here?

Bethoven: I specially like to thank my family. Thank you as well for my Michigan comrads and friends for inspiring me with your will and pure love for this craft.

17. Who are some of your influences?

Bethoven: Beethoven, Frideric Handel, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, George Clinton, Timberland, Black Milk and most of Detroit Underground producers

Thanks for blessing me with this interview family and anytime you want to do more i got you my dude #Fam1st #WeALLHaveAGift
Black Bethoven

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