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NATE OG @NATEOGDET Innterviews DC Maryland and Virginia DJ/Producer DJ Ohlow

1. Introduce yourself to the readers tell them a little about yourself where are you from and what is your occupation how long have you been doing this as a career?
DJ Ohlow:  Ohlow Redd Kodiak _ First Afghan-American Radio DJ / Radio Host / Night Club DJ / Mixed Tape DJ / Producer / Recording Engineer.
2.What company or brand do you represent in your chosen field how long has it been established when was it established and how long have you been a representative of that brand?
DJ Ohlow: My Brand is OHLOW, Ive been rocking w/ it since the late 90s.

3, What does your brand represent other than a name or title of a brand what is the meaning behind it why was it created what was it hoping to accomplish in its chosen industry?
DJ Ohlow: Its remixed from DJONEHUNGLOW - which was just a creative dj stage name that a female friend came up with.
4, Who are all the members of the team by name and title and what are their jobs and duties and how long has all the members been apart of the company?
DJ Ohlow: The team includes ELBETTA eMCee, OOCYN (State of Mind Multimedia & design), YOUNG CREAM GV, THEORY BEATS, SINNA STARR/NA TURAL E/VIETNAMESE EXPRESS(Top Rhymin Noodles), MRFORGE (GRDC), KPJ, POPAL BROS., SAYEDS, GK, The BKzDC affiliates, and many more. I hate to leave anyone out but the list is endless.

5.How do you seperate yourself as a brand with a few known competitors? what sets you apart? what can fans and customers get from you brand that only you can provide versus the other entrants or competitors?
DJ Ohlow: We are focused on providing good musical multimedia for good people.
6. What are your current projects plans functions etc and how can people keep updated or learn more about your brand?
DJ Ohlow:  We are always working in the studio and out. We have a weekly radio show, monthly local events, Dj/Producer showcases/Battles/Challenges, etc... Always recording new beats and music for the babies.
7.What are your future plans what project are you looking forward to most do you have any timeline as when those projects/products will be released or made public?
DJ Ohlow: My future plans are to fall back, stack bread, place a nice down payment on a 500 acre property in the mountains. I will then continue to grow my own organic foods and babies. Music is in my blood, that light will always shine regardless.
8. Do you have any final thoughts for the readers how can they keep updated on your brands products or connect with you to support your movement?
DJ Ohlow: My final thoughts - Make Love, make babies, grow food, gain knowledge, live life, experience everything. .

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Chi-Town Fam D-Que Interview By Nate OG @NATEOGDET

1. Whats good bro and thanks for the interview.  I  have known you for a minute and what you do and how dope you are at what your craft is etc  Feel free introduce yourself to the readers who you are? where you're from or currently reside and what you do as a career/craft? 
I go by D-Que and Im a music producer/composer from chicago illinois. Redbull bigtune 2010 semi finalist and beatsmith.

2.D-Que what inspired you to pursue your craft at production and i must say your one of my closest comrades and are extremely talented. what happened that made you go "This is what I want to do"?
IDK. I was always curious as to how beats were made. Every since I was a little kid my dad use to always play dope hiphop in the car from Busta Rhymes to tribe to slum village. I never used to listen to the words but just the beats. so one day I asked my best friend Brotha-Gif how were beats made and whats the cheapest route I could take to get started. He mentioned something about Fruity loops and Reason. I did my research and started making horrible beats on Fl Studio 5 lol I still have nightmares about those beats. I got addicted to it because it was so fun. I continued to perfect my craft and it brought me to where I am today.

3.How long have you been producing? like when did you start at what age etc?
I started right after i graduated from Middle school so Fall of 2005. I first started making Juke tracks before I actually learned how to make actual hiphop and R&B beats. So its going on 8 years now.

4.Who are some of your influences that have inspired you or serves at motivation to keep going?
When I first started making beats. I wasnt too familiar with the names of producers to the extent I am now. I always recognized the music but could never put the face to the beats. After I got serious and hungry and started to research, I was overwhelmed by the constant hits I loved to listen to back in the day and the present and who were behind those beats. I would say what made my want to REALLY learn how to sample and to chop and manipulate samples is when I heard Donuts in 2006 from the late great J-Dilla. After that all i did was dedicate my time to learn how to sample.
I am a big fan of ILLMIND. He's a real humble dude and down to earth. I actually met him at SxSW this year at a beat showcase and we actually hung out and had a drink lol it was crazy. We were chopping it up and talking about how hot it was in texas and how cold it was at the same time in our home towns NYC/Jersey Vs Chicago. He has a great since of humor as well haha. I also had my beats played a few times on his producer radio show Blap On The Radio which was pretty cool.

5.D-Que, I know you Chi-Town born and raised but what is the local music scene like now?
Wow i think this is the best time to be doing music in chicago. We have our train tickets into the industry now. Incredible producers, rappers, singers, rockbands, house dj's etc right now that are really taking flight such as Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Pavy, the whole Save Money crew. Then you also have Treated Crew with Mic Terror, Mikkey Halsted etc. You also have the hood scene and the GBE cats such as Chief Keef, Lil Durk etc. Great producers such as C-Sick, Rob Bates, Nascent, Trumaine, Cam (which he just moved to chicago from Vegas), Thelonious Martin, WIll Brown, Brotha-Gif, Wes P, Doc da Mindbenda etc. I will be here all day naming producers lol.  I go to the a same school as C-Sick and Thelonious Martin.The crazy thing about the Chicago producer scene is that we ALL know each other LITERALLY lol its like a producer secret society cult. Its kind of cool.

6.Does the Local scene where you live affect your creative process as far as how often you create, what you create how you create when you create etc?
No if anything it inspires me more to stay hungry and keep making bangers.

7.Not asking for any secrets because every producers always there  trade secrets what is in your lab like what you use and do you have a favorite pieces  of gear? I saw the video of you and you partner  Brotha Gif in the lab a few years ago with Gif recording vocals but was just curious of your set up and how it may have changed over years from when you first started?
Im not running anything to spectacular. I have a laptop with a focusrite audio interface for my Yamaha Hs80m Monitors. An M-Audio Midi Controller with Fl Studio and Reason. Thats it. I also have an MPC 2000 but I dont use it.

8. What is your creative process for producing in general and has it changed over the years at all?
I always start with the sample and work on the fly. Sometimes I hear a melody in my head and start laying down what I hear. It all depends. I could not make a beat for 3 months and out of nowhere make bangers back to back. Its just spontaneous sometimes.

9. What are you most known for the new readers and fans? I know you from YouTube and you competing in the Red Bull Big Tune but how else may people have seen known or heard your work?
Red Bull Big Tune was my biggest notoriety so far. But I worked with local chicago artist such as Gif, Mike Schpitz and Pavy. I also have done some work with Dominique Larue who is based out of Ohio...real dope female emcee  you should look out for her.

10. Are you affiliated with labels/crews etc if so feel free to place them here? I know you were repping CTC for the longest hows the rest of the members doing and do you  guys still keep in touch.

haha naw man no more CTC. that was something we came up with in highschool with the four of us guys starting a production team. I guess you can say we are still here as "CTC" but we arent claiming that name anymore.
11.What are your future plans projects etc and which ones are you looking forward to most?
Right now im in the process of building my own pro studio. Later down the road I want to team up with a music publishing company and get alot of placements on upcoming albums. Im looking for steady work.

12. What is you ultimate goal that your would like to achieve through your craft?
My ultimate goal is to at least win 1 grammy and to live comfortably financially.

13. how can the readers keep connected and updated on you as a person and as a brand for your projects etc?

 You can follow me on twitter @DQueBeats
instagram: DQueBeats
14.Do you have any advice or jewels that you would like to pass along for aspiring producers or up and coming producers that you have learned along the way?

Always stay humble and be the student. Never burn bridges because the world is smaller than you think, especially in the music industry. Stay consistent and dont let anyone stop you from doing what you feel will take you to that next step.
15. Do you have any one you would like to shout out or show love to if so feel free?
Shouts to my Mom & Dad for believing in what I do and are behind me 100%
shouts to my professors at columbia college for teaching me so much about the music business
shouts to my homies over at Melodic Muzik
shouts to the chicago producer cult haha.

16. Thank you very much for interview D-Que we will mos def do more in the future. Do you have any final words for the readers
keep making heat and keep supporting dope music.
D-Que (Producer)
D-Que Productions (ASCAP)

For Beats Contact:
(708) 439-8975
Twitter: @DQueBeats

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X​.​XII Belle Island feat. Jashua Smith prod. Nate OG

from by Kodac aka M80

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  • XII


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    Immediate download of X.XII Belle Island feat. Jashua Smith prod. Nate OG in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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A preview of the upcoming Black History project which features young militant minded individuals like Jashua Young.
Produced by up and coming producer Nate OG, the sample combined with the funky drum pattern, only add to the feel of song.


Be sure to check out the 3 part series "XII"
Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3- XII.XII.XII (12.12.12)

We welcome those of you who are just now joining us and salute those of you who have been with us.

XII.XII.XII Music Series 

Daysun Civil Official Founding and Featured Member OF #DaClick Gets Crowned By #MaschineMasters for #IstandardProducerCertifiedArtistSpotlight " an in association with @Iz @NATEOGDET #NateOGTheDownockRecordzConnexx www, from my friend teacher mentor brother by relation location and association as a life relates us outside of the music-Mr. Neal Helton aka #DaysunCivil @Daysun from Nate OG to You Show love and support for him and give him a warm #Welcom2TheNateOGChroniclez

[Maschine Masters Winner] Daysun Civil

Daysun Civil

Interview by @PremiseSNN

Hey Daysun, let everyone know where you are from and what you do?
I am from all over, born in Newark, NJ, raised in Sumter, SC since the age of 4, and now residing in Baltimore, MD! I am a producer/songwriter/mix engineer and an artist. I produce Hip-Hop, R&B, Neo Soul, Gospel, Hip-Hop and I am dabbling in experimental music.
Awesome, sounds like you have a diverse background and wide skill set. When did you start producing?
Wow, I always had a love for music. I first began writing raps around 12 and then I started producing when I was about 14 or 15. I was basically making pause button loop tapes and scratching records on my Father’s stereo. I used the answering machine as a recorder. My Dad would be angry because my little brother and I were scratching up his records. It was a necessity since I didn’t have anyone to make beats for me. This led me to graduate to samplers, the MPC 2000 and 4000, the Yamaha Motif and now Native Instruments Maschine! I also play the drums and keys.
I would have been upset if I was your Dad too! But there are necessary sacrifices to making music, in this case your Father’s records!! Who were some of your musical influences?
My musical influences were Marley Marl, DJ Premier, Large Professor, Barry White, Pete Rock, Herbie Luv Bug, Eric B and Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRSONE (BDP), EPMD, Michael Jackson, Prince, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Teddy Riley, Rodney Jerkins, Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton, Tye Tribbett, The Roots, James Poyser, A Tribe Called Quest, NWA, Ice Cube, DJ Quik, J-Dilla, Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones, Hall and Oats, Phil Collins, Earth Wind and Fire. Man, there are so many to name. The dynamics of life, sound and all makers of Good music inspires and influences me.
Kind of like me, a very wide range of musical influence, great stuff. But how would you describe YOUR sound?
I would describe my sound as a mood groove. My music will change or put you in a particular mood! Many people have said my music will make you drive faster or that it is that 6:00 in the evening music. My sound is full of Rhodes, synths, heavy drums, a lot of percussion, dope basslines, and intricate drum patterns. I want the listener to go on a ride. I want the listener to feel the mood I am feeling!
The best music does in fact impact emotions… What projects are you currently working on?
I am currently working on an instrumental EP called Daysun Civil Presents: Star Gazing. I have a collaboration project with a producer named Ilson72 out of Atlanta, GA. I have another collaboration project with my homey and a dope Hip-Hop producer who goes by the name Nate OG, from Detroit! With these two projects the producers are on the beats and I am rapping. I am working on an R&B/Neo Soul instrumental EP entitled “Shattered HeArts”! Lastly, I am considering my Hip-Hop Gospel project!
We’ll look out for those. Where can we find you online?
Here are a couple of my links:
Peep me on twitter @daysun_civil

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