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NateOGDetroit! Interviews Detroit BeatOlogist Grime 1

1.WhatUpDoe fam, Thanks for honoring me with this interview. Now Ive been a fan of your work even though we have only been building for a short while.Now, I know your dope beyond dope at what you do. But, feel free to introduce yourself to the readers. Who Are You? Where AreYou From/Reside? and What Is Your given craft?

1A. thanx for blessing me with a chance to chop it up with ya homie 
My name is Grime One aka Michael Stach from all over the eastside of Detroit but now I've settled in the burbs about ten minutes north of Detroit 
I'm a sampled based crate digging boom bap producer 

2.Now Grime 1, thats a very dope name in itself. How did the name come about? and what is the significance behind

2A.I went by Stax a nick name I had since I was a child because my last name is pronounced "stack" but was always mispronounced because of the spelling 
But I never really thought it fit me because I felt like it came across as me trying to flex my wealth which definitely isn't me.....a couple years ago I was working in the studio with big sneak from chop shop and he always complimented my gritty sound and started calling me "the grimey one" and it stuck I decided to boil it down to Grime One

3.What would you say is your earliest recollection of music? and what do you remember feeling like as you heard it?

3A. I was blessed that my mother was a huge Motown fan and my father loved the blues .....when I was a kid there's was always wax playing in the house....when I was  4 my parents got tired of me messing with the hi fi and got me my own record player....the rest is history

4.Not to show age, but, When did you start producing?

4A. I made the transition from DJ to producer at 27 but really didn't start gaining steam until 30

5.Who are some of your influences? and How have they influenced you?

5A. I would say my homie Native keyz took me under his wing and became a brother and a mentor to me but besides him I loved Pete rock and premier, lord finesse ,large pro and of course the hometown heroes like dilla ,black milk,houseshoes 14kt and apollo brown

6.How do you feel about the analog vs digital debate as far as music production equipment?

6A. The first MPC I touched was a 2000xl I immediately copped a 1000 and stood tall for analog (still do) but a few years after the renaissance dropped I played one made the switch and didn't look back

7.How Do you feel about the Crate Digging Vs E. Digging Debate?

7A. ahhhhhh the great debate lol .... I used to be firm with the aspect of digging because of the era I'm from it was part of the process but now as long as its fire I dont care how it was lit

8.What does your lab set up consists of? and How has it changed since you first started producing?

8 it hasn't changed much started with the 1000 and 1200 and a vestax mixer tracked out to the renaissance a 1200 the same vestax and a microkorg xl and too many records to count

9.What is the local hip hop scene like currently where you live?

9A. it's definitely alive and well from drew at the 37th shield to DJ dez and mr furious always putting together amazing shows

10.Does the local music scene affect how, and what you create?

10A. the boom bap scene in Detroit has always embraced my sound but have always released what I'm feeling and have had a dope response 

11.What is your creative process like? Not to give away any sector 7 secretz lol.

11A. it's not set in stone sometimes a break will catch my ear I'll chop and rearrange and build my melody around or vice versa

12.What separates your brand of production apart from everyone else?

12A. well I've been on a lofi gritty tip since the beginning waaay before it formed into the sub genre it is today 

13.How do you define your signature sound?

13A. stripped down grimey Detroit boom bap

14.Do you represent any labels, companies, or crews? if so, how long have you been affiliated? and What Are They?

14A. myself and native keyz started beatnix music about 5 years ago and together we collab as the better beat cartel I'm also homies with the middle finger music camp and lord dru from the 37th shield has been more than good to me

15.If You could lock into the studio for three months to complete an album with only one Artist, Who Would It Be?

15A. that's a tough one but I'm going to go with Detroit's own Elzhi 

16.When did you realize you had a talent for music?

16B. shortly into djing I noticed I was advancing way faster than my peers then when I first started producing me and my homie were in front of Nick Speed and he played one of my joints and I had a legend nodding his head

17. What Are Some Of Your Current Projects And Where Can We Find Them?

17A. I released my first overdue beat tape last year Duste Artifacts which is now a free download on bandcamp it's the first in a series called the dust chronicles my second installment Synthetic Dust will be dropping 11/29/19 also on bandcamp I have a feeling the limited run of cassettes will move as quickly as the last.....also everything is on all digital platforms 

18. What are some of Your future projects? and Which ones are you looking forward to most?

18A. I'm working with multiple mc's at the moment as I mentioned above the dust chronicles series and crossing my fingers for the next head nod suite compilation

19.What are some jewelz that you would pass along to other aspiring producers?

19A. something that I still struggle with from time to time but go with you're gut instinct 99% of the time it will serve you well

20.Any special thanks or shout outs? if so feel free to place them here?

20A. no doubt shouts to you homie I always dig you're joints the middle finger camp drew from the 37th shield Library down in the eastern market Detroit homie and brother Native keyz and to everyone holding down boom bap hip hop

21.Any last words for the readers?
21A.  mos definitely if you're truly down for this craft do ya research listen to the ogs learn and embrace the elements of this culture and never switch it up to be accepted 

22.Anything we didnt mention that you would like to cover?

22A. I think you covered it homie if anyone wants to keep up with me you can find me on Instagram @__grime1__ and on fb as Michael Stach peep out my bandcamp for my last tape and the new ish dropping 11/29/19

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NateOGDetroit! Interviews West Philadelphia Beatsmith WorldTor

1.Whatz good fam? I want to say thank you for blessing me with this ive only known you for a short time but i love your work. So feel free to tell the readers more about yourself. Who You Are? Where are you from? And What your given craft is that you do?

Awesome, thanks!    Hello my name is Worldtor I'm from West Philadelphia and i'm a beatmaker/producer 

2.Now Worldtor, thats a dope name. How did it come about? and What is the significance behind it?

I chose the name Worldtor because my middle name is Tor and i want to be known worldwide for my music.

3.What is your earliest recollection of music and how did it make you feel?

Born in the 60's i grew up listening to the soul 70's sound really loving most drum sounds and r&b vocals eventually i became a
MC then a DJ  and then beatmaker/producer.

4.Not to show age but how long have you been producing?

 I've only been producing a few years now but full steam ahead.

5.How do you feel about the analog vs digital debate as far as production?

'm very big on hardware
so muck that sofrware programs or daws kinda turn me off i just seem to be a hands on kinda guy

6.How do you feel about the e-digging vs traditional vinyl digging debate and which do you prefer?

I'm a e-digger simply because i dont use a turntable so no vinyl for me for now.  

7.What does your lab set up consists of and how has it changed since you first began producing?

I have 2 lab setups the first is in the dining room it consist of the mk1,  the mpd32,  the apc-40  Casio keyboard and a host of speakers and power.  the second setup is in the bedroom and it consist of Mk3,   M-Audio keystation,  Roland Sp-808,   Korg Super Drums   Novation Launchpad  Mackie mixerboard,   2 monitors    Pa sound system,  Zoom handycam for videos.    i started out with just the  Korg Super drums and a small keyboard and Fl Studio.  

8.What is your creative process when it comes to producing?

My creative process comes from various sounds that i hear daily in the hood or i my chop some samples from various records and then make the beat around them.

9.Do you represent any companies or labels? If so who are they and how long have you been affiliated?

he only company i represent right now is my beat group on  

10. What is about your production, that sets you apart from everyone else?

'm super big on sample chopping that seems to be my specialty.   i somewhat have a Old School sound i really love old school samples.

11.How do you define your signature sound?

i somewhat have a Old School sound i really love old school samples.

 12. What do you feel is the difference between a beat maker vs. Producer?

I feel the difference in a beatmaker and a producer is simple a beatmaker designs a beat add samples and gets creative the producer works the project from beginning to end including mixing and mastering and engineering.  That is definitely the difference

13.What is the local music  scene like where you currently reside?

Here in Philly the music scene is basically hiphop so that's what i hover over. My fav Genre is Boom Bap so i fit perfect in the hip hop culture.  

14. Does the local music scene affect what and how you create?

My fav Genre is Boom Bap so i fit perfect in the hip hop culture.  

15.Do you have any current projects out and if so, where can we find them?

 don't currently have any projects out right now but i make beats on the daily and have a library of music out of this world.

16.What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking forward to most?

Now searching for future projects to create. 

17. Any shout outs or special thank yous? If so place them here?

 I would like to say thanks to the Big homie Frank Gates for guiding me in the right direction when i needed help with sample chopping he is a blessing.  Also giving shout outs to Chris Groove,  Doom da Wiz,  Petty seven on da track  for inspiring me with their productions i'm definitely on the way and not far behind

19.What is some advice that you would pass along to any aspiring producers?

 My advice to fellow beatmakers/producers is simply follower your dream and invest in your craft to the fullest. It might seem slow moving but slow progress is till good progress..

20.When did you realize you had a talent with music and when did you decice to pursue it?

 I realize i had musical talent in the 80's but did'nt pursue 

21.Any final thoughts for the readers?
I am a 54yr old producer and my craft makes me feel like a young teen.   GOD BLESSED.   Anyone interested in this type of craft  go hard or go home.

Friday, May 18, 2018

NateOGDetroit! Interviews Chicago Beat Guru Jelani Beats

1.Whats good family, now we have known each other for a min between facebook and instagram..i have been a fan of yours for a minute. I know how incredibly dope you are at yoyr given craft, so to the readers who may not know much about you, Why dont You introduce urself? Who you are? Where you are from? And What do you do?

Well i go by Jelani Beats....i wasn't with all the super cool name thing,so i just went with my first name followed by Beats. I'm from Chicago,IL and i live and breath Hip Hop. I'm primarily a sample based producer but can easily do something organic. I also spit a few bars here and then..that's actually what i started doing years before production.

2.Jelani Beats, thats a pretty dope moniker.  How did the name come about and whats tge science behind it?

I wasn't with the super cool name thing,so i just went with my first name followed by Beats...that was about six years ago.

3.What is your earliest recollection of music that you can fully remember?

Let me see..i would have to say " The Jacksons " many i can name though,but if you're refering to hip hop then i would say "The Sugarhill Gang", Run-D.M.C, LL,etc

4.Not to show age, but what year did you start producing?

I'll say about 14 years 

5. Who are some of ykur influences, regardless of genre, and how has each one influenced your signature sound?

Some of my influences are Dilla, 9th, Old Kanye(Lmao),etc..i guess it was the way they could speak through their music. I try my take at that with all the music i put out.

6. When or What was the moment and event that made you decide to pursue your talent at music production?

I guess i was the moment that all Mc's get to when they just can't find the production they are seeking. I know that was the point for me.

7.When did you fall in love with hip hop aka your brown sugar moment?

Late 80's and early to mid 90's

8.How did u feel about the ages old debate between hardware and software?

I'd say it's not the hardware or's more about what picture can you paint. But personally i could work with both

9.How do you feel about the debate on e-digging and crate or vinyl digging?

I prefer discovering music after i put the needle down but i find plenty of good music through e-digging. Once again it's what you do with it when you get it that really counts.

10.What is your creative process when creating without revealing any sector seven secrets (Forgive the transformers movie reference lol)

Well i find something dope to chop then put my touch on it. (That's all i'm willing to

11.When sampling or digging for source material, do you have something your particularly are looking for in advance or is it that you will know you've found it when you hear it?

Sometimes i might have something in mind but if something else grabs my ears then the search is over.

12. How do you feel about the needle drop producers such as 9th wonder, versus the patient producer who sits thru the whole album audio scientist  like J.Dilla?

I'd say to each it's own as long as the end result is dope..though i listen through albums.

13.What are some of your current releases and where can they be found?

Well my most recent is a collab with fellow D.O.M(Dirty Ol Men) member and fellow Chicagoan AgentSmith78 on our project titled "Alternative Factz" which we are called by fellow crew members. I also have a few joints on a few more D.O.M projects and my first Beat tape released last year titled "Projections" 

14. What are some of your future projects, and which ones are you looking forward to most and why so?

Can't really determine when and what it may be...when it is time then it will manifest.

15.Do You represent any companies or affiliates, if so eho are they and how long have you been with them?

No company just me.

16. Break down the science the crew you belong to the Dirty Ol' Men, how did it come to be and what  is the science behind this movement you are pushing as a collective?

I joined D.O.M a year and a few months ago...i am privileged to be apart of such a diverse, cool and supportive collective. Can't forget about C.M.A(Computer Music  Academy) for making i possible for most of us to cross each others path.I believe we simply want to put dope music out with high standards being the norm.

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NateOGDetroit! @NateOGDetroit Interviews Chi-Town BeatSmith Blac Nashon

1.Whats good my brother, now i have been a fan since i first heard you work last year. To those may not know who you are or your dope beyond dope work, introduce yourself who are you? Where are you from? And what is your craft?
 First off my name is Dan Moore aka BLACNASHON ,im from Chicago IL..  My craft is making music.  

2. Now Blac Nashon, thats a dope production name, can you explain the meaning behind it? and how the name came about?

 Lol now that name I did some heavy thought..  I wanted it to be unique.. Something nobody used before.(Blac) stands for im proud to be black but I wanted that spelling .. (Nashon) stands for unity for black people... So that's how I got the name BLACNASHON 

3.What is you earliest recollection of music that you can remember?

I remember my cousin let me listen to some real hip hop like mobb deep.  Wu tang clan..  Tribe called Quest..  Krs one..  Pete rock. This was when I was in 6th grade.  I grew up in this stuff.  Mad memories!! 

4.Who were some of your earlier influences when you started production?

 on the real my guys made music on the Xbox.. Playstation..  To the mpc and Roland..  Loved how they chopped up music and lay them over drums.. junk was mad crazy when I seen it action..  Junk had me mad inspired.  It was on after that. 

5.Who are some of your current influences as of today?
 I have to say Pete Rock..  J dilla.. Kevin brown..and Roc Marciano..  Apollo brown. just to name a few 

6.Not to show age but what year did you start production?
 I started making music in 2014. 

7.What was that Moment or event that made you realize you had this gift of production?

 When I heard my guys making music..  I felt that music gift firing up in my spirit.   It was a string passion 

8. When did you decide to pursue your gift as a producer?

 When I got my Maschine micro. I Knew I should pursue. 

9.What was your brown sugar moment aka your fall in love moment with hip hop?

  When my guys made music cooking up music in the crib just Vibing out. 

10.Now You're from Chicago, what is the local scene like there?

 It's city life.. Fast pace as well. It's real live here..  Reminds me of the city  Detroit. It's lots to get into.  Such as networking etc. 

11.Does the local scene affect what and how you create your music?
        Not not really. I go based off what sample I hear. 

12. What is your creative process like in the lab? Not to show any sector seven stuff lol
         Man its one of two ways I start my process ..  I usually start with my drums., snare, hi hats, etc to give me a        feel.. Now that's first and foremost lol and second ill pick and choose a sample that best fits over the drums I just      laid.. I can go through 10 samples until I find that right sample to lay over my drums..  Im very picky..  I want it to       sound right..  At least in my mind it do lol..  And last ill lay a bass line if needed..  Thats my process in a                   nutshell..  Its simple and easy..  Nothing complicated 

13. How do you feel about the analog aka hardware vs software debate concerning production equipment? 
 Well it's hard to pick. You know the saying different strokes for different folks. Got to use what is best for you.. You     know!! 

14.What Does Your lab consist of? And how has your setup changed since you started?
 I got a keyboard  🎹.  My Maschine micro2/mpc and my laptop..  All i need and I'm straight. 

15.How Do You feel about Record Digging aka Crate Digging vs E-Digging aka internet digging?
Well to me it can be a slight difference..  Only difference is you can sit at home on the computer and                         DOWNLOAD w distractions.  On the other hand going out to a record store you might be able to find joints that is       not on the Internet and meet people in the record store to give you some input/advice on what you looking for. 

16.What would you say defines your signature sound?
I have to say I give all the honor to God for my sound!!! 

17.How would You Define your signature sound?

  Its hard to say..  I let people who hear my stuff be the judge of that.. I know i have a laid back sound like hip hopish/jazz type. 

18.How long after you started producing did you feel you found your signature sound?

    I have to say I started to feel like I found my sound two years into making music. 

19. Do you represent and companies or labels if so how long have you been affiliated with them?

     No i dont affiliate with any companies.  

20.What are some of your current projects and where can we dind them to support?

  Well I do have a project coming out with my guy maj..  Its called look out for that.  

21. What are some of your future projects and which ones are You looking forward to most? 

   Well I do have a project coming out with my guy maj..  Its called Chitroit..  I will be coming out with a project my 
    self.  It will be called BLAC PROJECTS

22.Congrats on the recent wedding
, how does having a family affect you production output?

   Thanks, appreciate it.  It's been good. It has affected me just a little bit,  due to spending time with the family             which is more important.  But I try to get it in any chance I get. I be thirsty to get it in lol 💯

23.Any jewelz for aspiring producers and musicians?

 Thank God for the gift you have and don't sit on your talent. Always do what you love and stay positive.  Thats 💯

24.Any special shout outs or thank yous feel free to place them here?

  Special thanks to you NATE OG. Giving me this opportunity to do this interview.  Appreciate this and much love to    you brah. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

NateOGDetroit! Interviews Detroit Verbal Marksme/ Producer/Engineer Extraordinaire Horatio The Best Man

.Whatupdoe, Now we have been building for almost two years and you are one of the dopest I know at your given craft. For those who may not be familiar with you and your work feel free to introduce yourself to the readers. Who are you? Where are you from? What you do?

I'm Horatio The The Best Man.  I'm a rapper, Producer and
Engineer.  I'm from Detroit Michigan and I'm from the Schoolcraft

2.Now Horatio The Best Man i kinda know the meaning behind your name but explain to the readers the
significance behind your artist/producer name and how it came about?

I've always been the go to person to most of my friends and I
assume that must give them good advice. Most of my friends say I am
wise and seem older than I really am.  In the story Hamlet the main
character Hamlet had a best friend who he could talk to about
anything.  This friend's name was Horatio.  He was the best man to go
to for advice.  This is how my name came about.  I'm usually the best
man to get advice from for my friends and for music engineering if you
ever hear my music quality.

3.What us your earliest recollection of music?

 I starting in the early 90's around 1990. Thats when I started
rapping. My parent splayed a lot of records form the 70's and all of
my uncles payed instruments.  So I play a few myself and that is the
reason for my soulful sound.

4.When did you fall in love with hip hop aka your brown sugar moment?

 I fell in love with Hip Hop and finally decided to rap when I
first heard "I used to love her" by Common Sense.  ALso the E-40
"Federal" Album had a major part in it too

5.Who are some of your influences and how have they influenced your signature style and sound?

My major influences are A Tribe Called Quest, MC Eiht, Eazy- E, AZ,
Dela Soul, 2 Pac, Master P, Slum Village, and so many more

6.When did you realize that you had a gift at music?

I first realized I had a gift when me and my Cousin Ruggedsun1 AKA
Killavolt started making beats and raps together at my Uncle's studio
on our own.  We used to make beats and record songs on the equipment.
This was in the 90's when there was no Protools and PC's yet.We were
did a few tapes back then and it went forward from there.

7.When did you decide to pursue your gift of music?

Around 1991 when I started rapping.

8.When did you start producing and being an MC, not to show age but what year did you start both?

 I starting rapping around 1991 and I started producing seriously
around the year 2000.

9. Now we are both from Detroit, What is the current music scene like at this moment?

Currently the music scene is really competitive to the point where
most artist don't even listen to each other because they are too busy
trying to out do one another.  It's kind of sad compared to other
cities where everyone helps each other get on.  Here it's like we all
want the same thing but nobody wants to help one another get there.
However we all never really make it anywhere technically.

10.What is the Beat Battle scene like at the moment?, congrats on making the cut for the March Madness Beat Battle.

I love the beat battle scene the most.  For the most part its a
close nit community and everyone knows one another.  It's a positive
atmosphere but sometimes, like in every city the politics come into
play and sometimes a name is all you need to get where you want to be.
Basically you have to really fight for your respect and your name to
be worth anything in this city.

11.How Do you define your signature sound as a Producer and MC?

 I think I my sound is mostly soulful like J DIlla or Pete Rock.
Since I play a few instruments I think I have a habit of making sure
my beats are music heavy and not so Naked like the music of today.
12. I believe that the anologue approach has a better sound naturally
but I feel that if the producer or engineer knows what they are doing
the same sound quality can still be accomplished.

12.What is your stance on the analogue vs digital debate as far as equipment for music production?

I believe that the anologue approach has a better sound naturally
but I feel that if the producer or engineer knows what they are doing
the same sound quality can still be accomplished.

13.Do you represent any companies or labels? If so how long have you been affiliated?

No Currently I am not on a label. I was a long time ago but I feel
that it is best for me to stay independent.  Especially since I
engineer for labels and a lot of artist who are signed to labels.

14. What does your lab consists of and how has it changed since you originally started?

I used a PC, a M-Audio Interface, a Presonus Pre-Amp, Presonus
Compressor, I Akai MPD 18, A E-MU Keyboard Controller, a KRK 10 inch
sub woofer, 2 KRK Rokit 5's, Reason 8, and Protools, and a mic

15. .Do you have any jewelz that you would pass along to new artist and producers?

I would say that you should make the music that fits you and not
what fits the crowd.  Try to sound like yourself instead of everyone

16.Any special thanks or shout outs? If so place them here!

'd like to give a shout out to my crew "The Underground
Engineers" and all of our affiliates.

19. Any thing we didnt cover if so feel free to do so here?

 f you are looking for engineering get with my. Most artists come
to me for mastering and mixing even though they are signed.

Instagram- Horatiothebestman
Facebook- Horatio The Best Man
Twitter- Horatio The Best Man