Friday, July 12, 2013

The Journey From Beatmaker 2 Producer Thanks to A fellow Detroit Artist Named Reek

Since Dec/ 2008, I have been mostly known as A Beatmaker or Instrumentalists with various Instrumental Projects to Date Most Famous for The G.O.S. Tape that was Released last year that jad a crazy buzz which included post from Germany thanks to my good friend Wanja Lange from and numerous international sites, blogs etc. I can sincerely thank Matthew Kodac Caffey for blessing me with my first Production credit which lead to me being signed to His G.F.G. Entertainment in house production team back in early March of this year as well. But  I would like to thank my brother and homie Reek, who is also a fellow Detroiter and we are actually from the same side of the city as he is from Westside Detroit as well. Miss Wanja Lange, who is not only a staple of supporting real true and dope hip hop, is also a promotions and marketing expert that also manages one of my new favorite hometown Detroit Hip Hop Groups "The Stereo Boyz" is actually how I was put on to Reek via A facebook post on behalf of her site of which she keeps me updated on dope new hip hop always. So I saw her post his soundcloud link and clicked on it and was amazed at his talent and range as an MC in the truest essence of definition. So i left a comment on his track and asked could i send him some beats. he said cool and messaged me his email addresss. So I emailed him a few tracks. A few weeks later, I get a new email with a track that he layed a verse to over my "One 4 Dilla" Beat where i flipped one of his "Welcome to Detroit" Samples In Homage to a Instrumental Tribute for Dilla Month back in Feb. of this year. So As I was working on my debut album I asked him could I use it for my album and he replied with Mos Def.
So from time to time via Text message we would talk when he could and he told me he wanted to do a project together of which he had the concept for it already and it just so happens it fit the exact theme of a beat tape i had done already which was Black Soul Cinema aka Blaxploitation sessions Vol. 2 from Jan. Of this year, so I sent him the instrumentals from that he dugg em and thats how we got to the process or story behind the making of Blaxploitation Music Ep and feel free to enjoy free downloads feel free to share nnd like on my bandcamp:

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