Saturday, July 27, 2013

NATE OG @NATEOGDET Innterviews DC Maryland and Virginia DJ/Producer DJ Ohlow

1. Introduce yourself to the readers tell them a little about yourself where are you from and what is your occupation how long have you been doing this as a career?
DJ Ohlow:  Ohlow Redd Kodiak _ First Afghan-American Radio DJ / Radio Host / Night Club DJ / Mixed Tape DJ / Producer / Recording Engineer.
2.What company or brand do you represent in your chosen field how long has it been established when was it established and how long have you been a representative of that brand?
DJ Ohlow: My Brand is OHLOW, Ive been rocking w/ it since the late 90s.

3, What does your brand represent other than a name or title of a brand what is the meaning behind it why was it created what was it hoping to accomplish in its chosen industry?
DJ Ohlow: Its remixed from DJONEHUNGLOW - which was just a creative dj stage name that a female friend came up with.
4, Who are all the members of the team by name and title and what are their jobs and duties and how long has all the members been apart of the company?
DJ Ohlow: The team includes ELBETTA eMCee, OOCYN (State of Mind Multimedia & design), YOUNG CREAM GV, THEORY BEATS, SINNA STARR/NA TURAL E/VIETNAMESE EXPRESS(Top Rhymin Noodles), MRFORGE (GRDC), KPJ, POPAL BROS., SAYEDS, GK, The BKzDC affiliates, and many more. I hate to leave anyone out but the list is endless.

5.How do you seperate yourself as a brand with a few known competitors? what sets you apart? what can fans and customers get from you brand that only you can provide versus the other entrants or competitors?
DJ Ohlow: We are focused on providing good musical multimedia for good people.
6. What are your current projects plans functions etc and how can people keep updated or learn more about your brand?
DJ Ohlow:  We are always working in the studio and out. We have a weekly radio show, monthly local events, Dj/Producer showcases/Battles/Challenges, etc... Always recording new beats and music for the babies.
7.What are your future plans what project are you looking forward to most do you have any timeline as when those projects/products will be released or made public?
DJ Ohlow: My future plans are to fall back, stack bread, place a nice down payment on a 500 acre property in the mountains. I will then continue to grow my own organic foods and babies. Music is in my blood, that light will always shine regardless.
8. Do you have any final thoughts for the readers how can they keep updated on your brands products or connect with you to support your movement?
DJ Ohlow: My final thoughts - Make Love, make babies, grow food, gain knowledge, live life, experience everything. .

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