Tuesday, July 8, 2014


1. Whatupdoe family, Now ive known you for a minute and must say its an honor to be able to build with you and I know how dope you are at your craft but for those who may not be familiar with your work, feel free to introduce yourself to the readers?
Peace, Peace my peoples my name is Watkinz Da General

2.Now Watkinz Da General, Where Did The name come from  which is dope btw?
Well Watkins is my last name, I drop the s to add a z... Da General came from a brother of mines by the name of Konflikt
I met off a website we use to be on called Dopetracks.com... He gave me that name because I always stood
on the frontline for my fam...

3.How Long Have you been Producing and MCing not to show age but what age did you start?
Ive been producing for like 22 years & rhymin for 25 years now...

4,What was the moment or event that made you say this is what I want to Persue?
When I 1st heard Run-DMC, Whodini, LL Cool J, The Juice Crew I fell in love with HIP HOP!!!

5,I want to congratulate you on your current project The Salute EP, how has it been recieved?
Thank you fam... I appreciate it! I had another project I supposed to drop but I put it on the back burner do to other
projects I was on... So I had to put out this EP til its time to drop {The Men & Women of Honor II Album}...

6.What is the local scene like where you reside?
Its cool out here... But the only problem that I have is that North Carolina artist don't
support one another... But we have alot of talent in NC from Petey Pablo, Little Brother, 9th Wonder and the whole Jamla Squad, Pee Batters, Tre-Dot, Tye Banks, Seven Da Pantha, Jon Blaq, & BIG S.I.N to name a few...

7.Does The scene where you live affect your creative process?
Nah! I get inspired off everyday living fam...

8.Who are some of your influences and what did you absorb from there styles and incorporated into your own styles?
Marley Marl, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, The Alchemist, Statik Selektah, Bomb Squad, Teddy Riley, J-Dilla (R.I.P.), Just Blaze,
Bink Dawg, Nottz Raw, 9th Wonder, Larry Smith, Large Pro, Ayatollah, Amiri Gamble and my CAT5ive Brothers!!!! I absorb all there styles to come up with the "Watkinz Da General" sound...

9.What is your creative process like as an MC/Producer?
Crazy energy over here famo... Even tho Imma laid back type of guy I like to be in a NC state of mind when it come to this music...

10.I'm a producer as well, but what is your lab set up consist up and how has it changed over the years since you started?
My lab is all hardware... I love my ASR X (Black) thats my main weapon, but I have a MPC 2000, Triton Keyboard that I use every now & then... I had the Mashine but I sold it...

11.Whats your thoughts on the Analogue Vs Digital Debate?
Imma Analog dude like I said before I love my hardware... Not knocking anybody who rocks with the software...
Its just not me!!!

12.Whats your thoughts on E-Digging and Vinyl digging?
Well I love vinyls but sometime its hard to find the vinyls your looking
for so I'll be diggin online to find some dope sounds to create some dope

13.What are some of your current projects and where can they be found?
These are some of the projects Ive worked on... Please support that REAL HIP HOP!!!

14.What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking foward to most?
I got some work with OG Stormin'Norm, Hemanifezt, Jon Blaq, BIG S.I.N., Nate OG, plus many many more...
Im really lookin forward to OG Stormin'Norm-Viet-Norm 11.0 album &
Watkinz Da General/NateOG- Beat Tape

15. How  can the readers stay connected to you?
You can find me on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/Mr.Watkins919

16,How would you define your sound?
That 90's Authentic Hip Hop!!!

17.Any Special Thanks or shout outs feel free to place them here?
Yes! Special shouts goes out to all the Blogs, DJ's, Radio Shows that supported my music over the years...
All my family, friends, fans that ever supported Watkinz Da General... Thank You!
S/O to Stormin'Norm, Hemanifezt, Tye Banks, Boss Ty, Aechdot, Shaultbody & the U.B.M Fam, Dutch McVeigh & the whole
CAT5 Surpreme Rule comrades, DJ T-Soul @ SmashMouthFM, DJ Luv Dlux, Spectac & Amiri, Carolina Dirty, Octavious Reed, Early Reed, DJ Helmedia & the whole TTTRadio.Net, Jon Blaq, and last but not least you Nate OG!!!

18.Any final Thoughts for the readers?
Peace, Love & Hip Hop

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