Monday, January 2, 2017

NateOGDetroit! Interviews Detroit Beat Craftsman MerchMusic

 1.Whatupdoe family, now we have been building for the past few years and you are also one of my mentors. Your one of the dopest cats i know at your given craft bit for those who may not know you,  feel free to introduce yourself. Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do? 

This is Merch Music from Detroit and I produce Phat beats

 2.Now Merch Music thats a unique production name but whats the science behind it and how did it come about? --

The science behind it  comes from Ancient Africa and the caravans that Traveled with their merchandise. Thus the term traveling merchant.

 3.What is your earliest recollection of music?

My earilest To be honest i would say from Day one. 

 4.When did you fall in love with hip hop aka your brown sugar moment?

 My brown sugar moment with Hip Hop came when I heard The Breaks by Curtis Blow & The Message by Melle Mel and the Furious Five.

 5.Who are some of your influences and how has each influenced you?

 As far as production im heavily influenced by Pete Rock and Dj. Premier. Both have different production styles but they gave me my first understandings of how to chop and  blend samples to hardcore drum patterns.

 6.Not to show age but what year did you start producing?

 I started producing in 2001 and i started out with Reason than I moved To utilizing The MPC 2000

 7.When did you realize your talent with music and when did you decide to pursue it?

 I realized my talent honestly a few years ago. I began to get better at my production skills.

 8.What is your stance on the analogue vs digital debate as far as music production? 

No debate. I like them both. Just different.

 9.What is your stance on the crate digging vs e-digging debate? 

Crate digging is more interactive and the samples you get are gritty.

 11.How do you define the difference between beatmakers and producers? 

Well Im both. Just listen to one of my tracks. Every beat maker is not a producer. Vice versa

 12.Now we are both from Detroit but what is the local music scene like at this moment?

 Im not absolutely sure but Detroit has always had a up and down kinda vibe. But it can be better. More unity.

 13.Does the local scene affect how and what you create?

 No cause i come a different sound of music. My music  influence from my childhood dictates how I create

 14.What does your lab set up consists of and how has it changed over the years? 

 My set up is Maschine Mikro, MAC computer and keyboards. Thats all i have now but it works. But i come from the era of the pause cassettes tape type of making beats.

 15.What is your creating process like as a producer? 

Well  my creative process really is about paying attention to what I'm actually shopping 4 when i sample. If there is a sample that catches my ear immediately then  that track will be done within the next 10-15 minutes if it's something else or sample that I really really really like and I haven't came up with a method  yet I'll probably sit on that sample until the creative process in my head and my soul connects with what I'm hearing.

 16.What are some things that you feel that todays artists are missing compared to the golden era of hip hop?  

Talent and artist development.

 17.What is one thing you hate to see producers do that annoys you? 

Nothing really. I keep my eyes on my own paper like they used to say in school.

 18.Congrats on the new project that you have in the works called Chop Suey Vol. 1 What is the concept behind it and how did it come about? 

A good friend of mine by the name of Big Dame gave me the idea chop suey because of the way that I chop samples. Chop Suey is about given yourself soul something good to eat off of.

 19.Do you represent any companies or labels if so how long have you been affiliated with them? 

No company No Labels no affiliate

 20.What are some jewels you would give aspiring producers? 

Keep practicing don't get stuck in one box expand your horizons always be willing to learn something new

 21.What are some of your other current projects and where can we find them? 

Well currently I'm trying to finish up Chop Suey volume one afterwards I'm working on a full house music albums there will be no leaks on any one of my projects just Snippets

 22.What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking forward to most? 

One of my future projects is to do a full house music album but I do look forward to this chop suey project

 23.Do you have any special thanks or shout outs feel free to do so here? 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity for this interview period I like to shout out first born and Uncle p and l would like to see all of my new fans and those who really take a listen to Merchmusic

 24.Any final thoughts for the readers or things we didnt cover? 

Just get money and stay Sucker Free

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