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NateOGDetroit! Interviews Detroit MC/Producer/Singer K-Phetic

1.WhatUpDoe fam, we have been building for awhile now and I know that your dope beyond dope at your chosen craft but for those who may be unfamiliar with you or your work, feel free to introduce yourself? Who are you? Where are you from? What Do you do?
I am Kahlil or K pHetic I am from Motown. Started as a writer, singer, producer, and emcee. Now I do everything that’s involved in putting out a project  graphic design, mix and mastering, producing, web design, marketing, duplication and consulting work for artists amongst other things. I also have a clothing label I’m working with.

2. K-Phetic thats a dope name, can you explain the science behind it and how it came about?

 I was named after Lebanese poet and artist Kahlil Gibran.  One of his most popular collections of writings and drawings is called “The Prophet” which was my name initially.  Over the years I realized too many people wanted to use the name so it became Prophetic and there was the same problem.  I then realized that if I wanted to be noticed and not lumped in with the plethora of false prophets so I shortened Prophetic to phetic and placed the K in from for King …King of the prophets (K Phetic)

3.What is your earliest recollection of music?

Very very difficult to decipher as music was always around.  My mother always sang to me as a child and my dad played various instruments so I suppose it is just in me. I don’t remember a time without music. I got my first piano at like 2 or 3…

4.What is your earliest recollection of hip hop aka your brown sugar moment?

Hip hop to me was realized as a culture.  I heard the music all the time but it wasn’t called “hip hop “ per sae it was what we listened to to dance and not listen to old soul and pop our parents played day in and day out … It was young peoples music.  We would hang out in the streets with boom boxes and listen to music dance (break boy).  It was a unity thing …it was something that was ours. 

5.Who are some of your influences and how have they influenced you?

My father was a major influence as him and his homies used to get together and have Jam sessions where they would all play and sing maybe some rapping was happening but more like a reggae ish vibe.. He always had instruments around the house and he always played guitar and flute too.  They used to record to tape. He used to take me to record stores when he would go dig for old and new shit.  My mother always sang around the house.. I was always around music.
Stevie Wonder, Cold crush Bros, Run DMC,  2live crew, Dj los, 12tec mob, Dilla

6.Not to show age but what year did you start rapping and producing?

First off I started with a Playschool turntable a boom box and a Purple Rain record…and a couple blank tapes…I ruined that record…I think I got it on my 8th birthday…Then I started making radio shows then came pause tapes because I realized I could extend a beat doing that…. A lot of beating on desks and, beat boxing.  I was always a creator of music but I really didn’t know about how music was professionally recorded.  Didn’t touch a piece of pro equipment until 1996  in a friends dorm room he had a beat machine …it was over.. I had tapes and tapes of beat ideas I had beat boxed and I went to work. Couple days later he asked me to do a track for his group..that was my first time in the studio.

7.How do you define your signature sound?

New Motown Sound…progressive hip hop, IDK man let the people label it. I don’t think I can be boxed in.

8.How do you feel about the analogue versus digital approach to production?

Well I come from the analogue world where the sounds have body and warmth and the bass is phat.  I actually started recording when the digital world was becoming relevant so I got the best of both worlds. Computer audio is often flat and lifeless but with a knowledge of frequency and sound you can add that back in the mix in most cases… I have a lot of issues with software. It made everyone a music artist.. When you had to buy $1000 pieces of hardware the whole music game was a lot more serious… now anyone can pirate software with no skills and produce sound.  I still use a mesh of both to me it’s the only way to go.

9.How do you feel about the ongoing ghostwriting debate going on in hip hop right now?

I couldnt care less..Sike …. I don’t care for un authentic artists… Some people are creators and some are orators.  Its always been that way especially in R&B..  I prefer truth in my music though, authenticity, real feeling, emotion. Im not opposed to writing or ghost producing for people though…. Shit even Sugar Hill had ghost writers…. Show me the money$$$

10.What is the local music scene like where you are from?

Bursting with talent everywhere you look. There is a street element and a “backpack” element here and the two never come together and constantly call the other side lame or unskilled. There are certain shows where you know you not going to hear boom bap hip hop and certain shows where you know you won’t hear trap or 808 heavy tracks.  Overall Detroit is its own worst enemy. If your wack you won’t make it!  You just take up space.

11.Does the local scene affect how and what you create?

I know this sounds nuts but not really.  Aside from doing something with a local artist my creation is a lot more personal than that. 

12.What is your creative proccess as a MC and Producer?

I come up with a song concept and a vocal melody, maybe I think of an old riff or record or even instrument I would like to use. Figure how I want a melody or sample to play (in my head). First for me is always a basic boom bap drum track…usually while I’m creating a track vocals start to appear and I might stop and write the song then finish the beat…. A lot of times I record the song before the beat is done or even after I lay the initial drum track and then build the beat around the vocals. I make a lot of original music.
As far as an emcee I have lots of concepts and song ideas in my head and when I audition beats those beats pull out those ideas and that’s how I choose tracks that I buy from people. For me it’s like its meant to fit together…Producers send me nice tracks all the time that I can’t fuck with because they just don’t touch me. Nowadays I usually write per song …Don’t just have mad notebooks of songs like I used to. I just memorize detailed song concepts and a couple bars and we rolling.

13.What does your lab set up consists of and how has it changed over the years?

Well my initial lab was all hardware Mpc2000, Ensoniq boards, Yamaha DAW, dr5 drum machine, statocaster guitar, dj mixer and technic turntable. I still have most of that and incorporated digital technology for production and several mic pres and outboard compressors for warmth and what to me is an overall better sound then going str8 into the computer with voice or instruments.  Also added a bass guitar mpc studio midi keys, shakers, flutes, variety off off brand ethnic instruments.   I also use software for production and my go to is Reason for that ….been using Reason since my first computer rig it’s the closest to hardware visually and work flow wise… You didn’t think I was gonna give it all away did you….lol

14. Which do you prefer being a producer or MC?

I cant choose …I will probably stop rappin before I stop producing…if that makes sense.. A producer produces records not just beats and that’s what I do. Build sound back vocals and build records….Overall I enjoy engineering and the manipulation of recorded sound  more so than both of them… 

15.What sets your music and brand apart from everyone else?

Live playing and instrumentation I use a lot of actual instrument sound samples instead of synthesized versions. Or sample my own. I have folders and folders ..gigs and gigs of developed and sampled sounds. A lot of people dig records for melodys or drums or lengthy samples. I dig sometimes just to get certain horn sound, that certain snare, or bell, or whistle, it could be anything. I will snatch a note and then begin to build off that weather designing a new sound comparable to it or eq ing some of the dirt out or wutever.. Overall im a sound quality fiend and spend a lot of time in sound design and mixing and mastering

16.What are some of your current projects and where can we find them?

I have two previously released albums that are both available for free “K pHetic Presents” and “ The Interim Project” both are available via my bandcamp website. Currently I a have 3 singles out “That Loud” which is produced by Rockwilder, “#WUTCHYUWUSTHNKN” produced by Pete Rock and “Hotel” produced by Cipher 7000 the singles are available via iTunes and the Parkside Media Group soundcloud

17.What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking forward to most?

I have 3 solo projects on the way 2 are in mix master phase.  Waiting on a few engineers that I would like to have the chance to work with on it.  Im excited about the 2016s project that should have been out but as I stated cant let it come out until its my ears say so and it has not been time. It’s a dope project I got production from Detroit KillaB, Konphlict, Rockwilder and of course myself. 

18.How can we stay updated and connected to you and your work?  Gram twitter and google me @ KpHetic

19. Any jewels for aspiring artist and producers?

Continue to create content fuck politics, fuck haters when you have a catalog it speaks volumes. 
GET YOUR PAPERWORK IN ORDER if your lost on that …contact me.

20.When did you realize you had a talent in music and when did you decide to pursue it as a possible career?

When I was  a kid I knew I was good a emceeing and writing in general.  When I started hearing other people who rapped or were rappers even ones on radio or tape..and I though that I was better than that and maybe I could really do this but I never took it seriously till after that first session. We used to go everywhere battling “rappers” 7 mile to belle isle everywhere we went we 99 I booked a session with a friend of a good friend @ the disc (Magnetic) .. Everyone who heard that tape wanted to work…it was scary and amazing. Also got the opportunity to work on JDillas mpc and at that point he was IT for me on production so to me I was inline with the universe and where I was supposed to be.

21.Any special thanks or shout outs feel free to do so here?

Thanks for the interview… 

22.Do you represent any companies or labels if so how long have you been affiliated?

Parkside Media Group and consulting  is the company we are building.
Musically im independent and I OWN MY SHIT all$in

23.Any final words for the readers and anything we didnt cover yet?

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