Friday, May 18, 2018

NateOGDetroit! Interviews Chicago Beat Guru Jelani Beats

1.Whats good family, now we have known each other for a min between facebook and instagram..i have been a fan of yours for a minute. I know how incredibly dope you are at yoyr given craft, so to the readers who may not know much about you, Why dont You introduce urself? Who you are? Where you are from? And What do you do?

Well i go by Jelani Beats....i wasn't with all the super cool name thing,so i just went with my first name followed by Beats. I'm from Chicago,IL and i live and breath Hip Hop. I'm primarily a sample based producer but can easily do something organic. I also spit a few bars here and then..that's actually what i started doing years before production.

2.Jelani Beats, thats a pretty dope moniker.  How did the name come about and whats tge science behind it?

I wasn't with the super cool name thing,so i just went with my first name followed by Beats...that was about six years ago.

3.What is your earliest recollection of music that you can fully remember?

Let me see..i would have to say " The Jacksons " many i can name though,but if you're refering to hip hop then i would say "The Sugarhill Gang", Run-D.M.C, LL,etc

4.Not to show age, but what year did you start producing?

I'll say about 14 years 

5. Who are some of ykur influences, regardless of genre, and how has each one influenced your signature sound?

Some of my influences are Dilla, 9th, Old Kanye(Lmao),etc..i guess it was the way they could speak through their music. I try my take at that with all the music i put out.

6. When or What was the moment and event that made you decide to pursue your talent at music production?

I guess i was the moment that all Mc's get to when they just can't find the production they are seeking. I know that was the point for me.

7.When did you fall in love with hip hop aka your brown sugar moment?

Late 80's and early to mid 90's

8.How did u feel about the ages old debate between hardware and software?

I'd say it's not the hardware or's more about what picture can you paint. But personally i could work with both

9.How do you feel about the debate on e-digging and crate or vinyl digging?

I prefer discovering music after i put the needle down but i find plenty of good music through e-digging. Once again it's what you do with it when you get it that really counts.

10.What is your creative process when creating without revealing any sector seven secrets (Forgive the transformers movie reference lol)

Well i find something dope to chop then put my touch on it. (That's all i'm willing to

11.When sampling or digging for source material, do you have something your particularly are looking for in advance or is it that you will know you've found it when you hear it?

Sometimes i might have something in mind but if something else grabs my ears then the search is over.

12. How do you feel about the needle drop producers such as 9th wonder, versus the patient producer who sits thru the whole album audio scientist  like J.Dilla?

I'd say to each it's own as long as the end result is dope..though i listen through albums.

13.What are some of your current releases and where can they be found?

Well my most recent is a collab with fellow D.O.M(Dirty Ol Men) member and fellow Chicagoan AgentSmith78 on our project titled "Alternative Factz" which we are called by fellow crew members. I also have a few joints on a few more D.O.M projects and my first Beat tape released last year titled "Projections" 

14. What are some of your future projects, and which ones are you looking forward to most and why so?

Can't really determine when and what it may be...when it is time then it will manifest.

15.Do You represent any companies or affiliates, if so eho are they and how long have you been with them?

No company just me.

16. Break down the science the crew you belong to the Dirty Ol' Men, how did it come to be and what  is the science behind this movement you are pushing as a collective?

I joined D.O.M a year and a few months ago...i am privileged to be apart of such a diverse, cool and supportive collective. Can't forget about C.M.A(Computer Music  Academy) for making i possible for most of us to cross each others path.I believe we simply want to put dope music out with high standards being the norm.

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