Sunday, June 18, 2017

NateOGDetroit! @NateOGDetroit Interviews Chi-Town BeatSmith Blac Nashon

1.Whats good my brother, now i have been a fan since i first heard you work last year. To those may not know who you are or your dope beyond dope work, introduce yourself who are you? Where are you from? And what is your craft?
 First off my name is Dan Moore aka BLACNASHON ,im from Chicago IL..  My craft is making music.  

2. Now Blac Nashon, thats a dope production name, can you explain the meaning behind it? and how the name came about?

 Lol now that name I did some heavy thought..  I wanted it to be unique.. Something nobody used before.(Blac) stands for im proud to be black but I wanted that spelling .. (Nashon) stands for unity for black people... So that's how I got the name BLACNASHON 

3.What is you earliest recollection of music that you can remember?

I remember my cousin let me listen to some real hip hop like mobb deep.  Wu tang clan..  Tribe called Quest..  Krs one..  Pete rock. This was when I was in 6th grade.  I grew up in this stuff.  Mad memories!! 

4.Who were some of your earlier influences when you started production?

 on the real my guys made music on the Xbox.. Playstation..  To the mpc and Roland..  Loved how they chopped up music and lay them over drums.. junk was mad crazy when I seen it action..  Junk had me mad inspired.  It was on after that. 

5.Who are some of your current influences as of today?
 I have to say Pete Rock..  J dilla.. Kevin brown..and Roc Marciano..  Apollo brown. just to name a few 

6.Not to show age but what year did you start production?
 I started making music in 2014. 

7.What was that Moment or event that made you realize you had this gift of production?

 When I heard my guys making music..  I felt that music gift firing up in my spirit.   It was a string passion 

8. When did you decide to pursue your gift as a producer?

 When I got my Maschine micro. I Knew I should pursue. 

9.What was your brown sugar moment aka your fall in love moment with hip hop?

  When my guys made music cooking up music in the crib just Vibing out. 

10.Now You're from Chicago, what is the local scene like there?

 It's city life.. Fast pace as well. It's real live here..  Reminds me of the city  Detroit. It's lots to get into.  Such as networking etc. 

11.Does the local scene affect what and how you create your music?
        Not not really. I go based off what sample I hear. 

12. What is your creative process like in the lab? Not to show any sector seven stuff lol
         Man its one of two ways I start my process ..  I usually start with my drums., snare, hi hats, etc to give me a        feel.. Now that's first and foremost lol and second ill pick and choose a sample that best fits over the drums I just      laid.. I can go through 10 samples until I find that right sample to lay over my drums..  Im very picky..  I want it to       sound right..  At least in my mind it do lol..  And last ill lay a bass line if needed..  Thats my process in a                   nutshell..  Its simple and easy..  Nothing complicated 

13. How do you feel about the analog aka hardware vs software debate concerning production equipment? 
 Well it's hard to pick. You know the saying different strokes for different folks. Got to use what is best for you.. You     know!! 

14.What Does Your lab consist of? And how has your setup changed since you started?
 I got a keyboard  🎹.  My Maschine micro2/mpc and my laptop..  All i need and I'm straight. 

15.How Do You feel about Record Digging aka Crate Digging vs E-Digging aka internet digging?
Well to me it can be a slight difference..  Only difference is you can sit at home on the computer and                         DOWNLOAD w distractions.  On the other hand going out to a record store you might be able to find joints that is       not on the Internet and meet people in the record store to give you some input/advice on what you looking for. 

16.What would you say defines your signature sound?
I have to say I give all the honor to God for my sound!!! 

17.How would You Define your signature sound?

  Its hard to say..  I let people who hear my stuff be the judge of that.. I know i have a laid back sound like hip hopish/jazz type. 

18.How long after you started producing did you feel you found your signature sound?

    I have to say I started to feel like I found my sound two years into making music. 

19. Do you represent and companies or labels if so how long have you been affiliated with them?

     No i dont affiliate with any companies.  

20.What are some of your current projects and where can we dind them to support?

  Well I do have a project coming out with my guy maj..  Its called look out for that.  

21. What are some of your future projects and which ones are You looking forward to most? 

   Well I do have a project coming out with my guy maj..  Its called Chitroit..  I will be coming out with a project my 
    self.  It will be called BLAC PROJECTS

22.Congrats on the recent wedding
, how does having a family affect you production output?

   Thanks, appreciate it.  It's been good. It has affected me just a little bit,  due to spending time with the family             which is more important.  But I try to get it in any chance I get. I be thirsty to get it in lol 💯

23.Any jewelz for aspiring producers and musicians?

 Thank God for the gift you have and don't sit on your talent. Always do what you love and stay positive.  Thats 💯

24.Any special shout outs or thank yous feel free to place them here?

  Special thanks to you NATE OG. Giving me this opportunity to do this interview.  Appreciate this and much love to    you brah. 

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