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1.Whats good family, thanks for blessing me with this interview. Now we family but for those who may not be familiar with how dope you are at your craft feel free to introduce  yourself?

 Peace and Blessings to all.  I am Royal Entry a talented MC out of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

2. Now Royal Entry, Thats a dope name and has a presence to it what is the definition behind the name and did you come up with it?

The name Royal Entry came to me in a dream. The dream left a strong impression that has had lasting affects on me as an artist and as a person.  As I grew older, I found out the true definition of Royal Entry, which is a triumphal entry, a formal entry by a ruler or the entrance of a prince into the city, where he was greeted and paid appropriate homage.  

3.What are some of your influences and how did you incorporate them into your style?

My number one influence is life.  From my hardships growing up to seeing my children grow up.  I incorporate all of that into my music.  That's what drives me and keeps my style unique but grounded.

4.What was the moment that you said to yourself I want to become and MC?

I've always had a passion for music.  I remember hearing my mom say that even during her pregnancy with me, that when she would play music, her stomach would do waves.  So music has always been in me even before birth.  It wasn't until the age of 14 that I truly decided to become a MC.

5.Howl long have you been an MC not to show age but what year did you start?

 I would say after grooming and homing my skill, at the age of 16 is when I first broke out publicly and allowed people to actually hear me rhyme. So with that being said, almost 12 years going strong.

6.What is the Music Scene like where you live?

Music from Fayetteville, NC is mostly trap/commercial base only for the radio music.  Not to knock anybody's musical hustle but MC's in Fayetteville are truly hard to find.  Most people want to do what's popular instead of broadening their horizons musically

7.What s your creative process, Im a producer but love hearing about the creative process from a MC's View?

Well like any true MC that has 5 rugrats running around, I have to have my own home studio/man cave.  Starting on any project I always enter in with a sober mind, no "recreational activities".  I like to embody the beat, so I let it play a good 5 to 10 times before I pick up the pen to write.  I always start with my 2nd or last verse depending on the format of the track.  I feel like my most hard hitting bars are gonna come out first and like the saying goes, 'save the best for last'.  

8.Does the local scene affect your creative process at all?

No.  I tend to live by the beat of my own drum. So I don't let the local scene affect me at all.  I do a lot of reaching out so that I can let me creative energy flow.

9.What are some of your current projects and where can fans cop them from?

 I have my first 3 projects, Lyrical Mastermind Vol. 1: The Birth of Entry, Mind of a Soldier EP, and Listen to my Tape EP, all for free atwww.royalentry.bandcamp.com   
My first official album entitled Gorilla Season, will be dropping very soon and will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc etc. So support support support.

10.What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking forward to the most?

I'm looking forward to all ym future projects.  Because each play a significant role in the progression of Royal Entry as an artist.  So here's the list:
* Me and producer G.I.C., collectively are Imperial Supreme, and will be dropping our first EP, The Working Class soon.
* Me and producer Kris Audio, are doing our long awaited, 2 years in the making, Search Lights.
* Me  and producer Nate OG are also doing an EP together

11. Are you affiliated with any companies if so feel free to name them and how long have been affiliated with them?

 I am currently as artist on the Sadie Hawkins Music Record Label based out of Raleigh NC

12.Im a member of your crew Gorilla Squad but tell the readers more about theis movement?

GSM, (Gorilla Squad Movement) is a collection of artist and producers that I know personally that I am bring together so that we can make impacting music.

13.Do you have any jewels for aspiring artist hoping to make this a career?
You have to be passionate to really want to do this as a career.  There are many ups and downs and trials and tribulations that come with wanting to be a musician in general.  So stay positive, focused, determined, never quit and most of all stay humble.

14.Do You have any shout outs or special thanks feel free to drop them here?

 First and foremost, shout out to my wife and kids and most importantly my grandmother.  Shout out to all the producers that have blessed me with material to rhyme on.  And also my musical family (Sadie Hawkins, GSM, Soul Mafia, Cast Troy, G.I.C., Nate OG, 1100 Huntaz)  And for those I forgot please forgive me

15.Any final thoughts for the readers feel free to do so here?

 I appreciate you guys checking out this interview, I thank Nate OG for doing the interview. And all I ask is you to do is support not just me but local hip hop as a whole. Peace and Blessings and thank you for your time.

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