Monday, March 10, 2014


1.Whatupdoe big bro, I really would like to say thanks for granting me this interview and for the convo earlier. I know your dope at your craft but for  those who may not be familiar with your work. feel free to introduce yourself?

This Early-Reed of Low Budget.....reppin NW/DC. I did some tracks on Sean Born's 909 Pause-Mix CD.....Antoine from DTMD.....and just recently THE DOSE w/J. Scienide.

.I am a huge fan of your work, and your one of my influences as well but without showing age when did you start producing?

DAMMMM!!!! LOL!!!! Back in cousin Royal T(who was part of a collective wit Kev Brown)literally dropped the seed for all this back then.

3.Who are some of your influences and what was somethings you incorporated into your production from them?

WOW!!!! I can go on but....ok....first off the break is the homie Kev Brown(more on that in a minute)....I've seen him grow personally and what it takes to get down. Primo.....Dilla....Pete Rock....Battlecat....Unknown....Madlib....DJ Pooh....NO I.D n DUG IF.....Rza.....True I said I can go on b.....LLS!!!! But to be honest when I created my path that long ago one off my rules was to never sound like anyone else. Even when I dj'd I was a always switching up being different. That's just how I am....if Imma bang out Imma snatch somethin so slight and make it nice and neat. Alot of the older cats like Barry White....Ray Parker Jr.....Herbie Hancock....Leon Sylvers III.....Funk Broths.....Gamble n Huff....Stevie Wonder....Jimmy Jam n Terry Lewis....L.A n Face are some of my inspirations. Too many to name but all(whether new or old) have had a major impact on what I do....can't forgot my pops E SR.

4.What was the moment that you said to yourself this is what i wanted to do and pursue?

 Well....I've been off and on thru the years watchin Kev and others learnin the game as much as possible b4 I came back a couple years ago. I see how my beats get out there influence ppl to do or move somethin....a positive wave if you the Al Green album was a heavy one too. That was a very underrated CD and I vowed that if Imma do this I gotta bang out....str8 up. 
Now your from the DC Metro area which is a hotbed of talent ranging from poets to musicians ad producers but what is the scene like where you live from a insider point of view?

The scene is alrite....just gotta find out what's poppin. In some nights it could be 3 major events goin on and you just stuck in the middle. Me....I kinda stay away....just to keep me into my beat craftin...

6.Does the scene where you live affect your creative process at all?

NOT AT sound has already been created. Its alot more easier to get out there....when you try to establish by yourself its hard cuz folks don't know who you are. Even tho the crew is LOW BUDGET I still gotta work hard to be heard. I don't ride names or coat tails....I know what hard work is and what it does.
7.Now your repping my favorite labels and crews Low Budget, how long have you been affiliated with the team and how did  your connection  come about?

Ha.....I founded LOW BUDGET way back when. When we was doin what we had to...turntable to tape deck-pause-mixin...brand-name or radio shack we did it. I've known Kev since the beginning...(him and my cuz Royal T had a group of them named the Mailbox crew) Errybody else came later on...thru the years we made own chemistry up. Meaning anyone can team up and knock'em down.....we are Early Reed....Kev Brown....Cy Young....Sean Born....KennefCold(Kenn Star).....Kaimbr bka Al Green...Quartermaine(n Calibur of Critically Acclaimed)....Marshal Law....Hasaan Mackey.....Roddy Rod.....Oddisee....THIS IS MY FAM ALL DAY!!!!!

8. What is your creative process like, I am a producer as well and without giving any secrets that are sector 7 classified?

Just listenin....whenever I'm listenin I would stop....find and outlet and go in. I've made a certain coffee shop my home for that.

9.What is your lab setup like, I been watching your episode of Gadgets Behind The Beats and your killing it with the SP-606 or 555 but how has it changed over the years?

Actually that was Kev's crib and its a still bangs out tho. My set-up is....a phone. I gotta app on my Droid wit an eq....I fine tune that part I need and commence. Now we in sector 7 b.....HAHA!!!

10 .What are your current projects I know you got a project out with one of my fav MC's J.Scienide but do you have any other projects out and where can we find them?

 I got some jonts in the works rite now....I'm workin on this project wit RnL from FAR EX.P. We remakin the KIZZ MY BLACK AZZ EP....OH YEAH!!!!!

11.What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking forward to most?

Working on a beat CD also. Alot of other stuff is in the works so when the blueprints get filled in I will be promotin them.
12. .Are your affiliated with any other companies if so what are they and how long have you been affiliated?

My only affiliations is LOW BUDGET....I keeps that magic homebase. No companies or anything like that. If folks wonna work together I has no problem collaboratin.....

13.Do you have any special shout outs or special thanks if so feel free to place them here?

S/O to my LB FOLKS....J. Scienide....Fleetwood....Nik the Wonda and Lounge Of 3....DJ SOKO....Mike....Zo n Noah over at Starbucks....Awthentic.....Dave SCAR....its so many but to some gotchu up I love all yah for listenin and checkin some of my work out. Until next time.....the whole worlds' a circus don't YOU be the clown......EarlyReed/LB signin out....IM OUT!!!!!

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