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Hard Work, Discipline, Dedication, Practice and Patience Paid Off on Dec. 10, 2012

In December 2012,
                             I built a great relationship with one of my favorite Artists/MC's, who became one of my newest influences and closes friends mor like the big brother I never had whom goes by the name of Kodac M80, once a part of a Michigan Collective or artist know as the Subterraneous Crew kinda like our Wu-tang Clan, which was made up of Ro-Spit, Octane(T.Calmese), Majestik Legend, Decompoze, One Be Lo, to name a few. All of which are fiece solo artist but was like Voltron when the became and moved as Collective. Me and Kodac's common ground was music, him as an established artist, me as an up and coming producer being from Detroit but relocating in '99 after the death of my Mother (Oct 1998) and Father (Dec.1998) some 200 miles in the Grand Rapids area, which is where one of my production influences. Mr. Apollo Brown, was originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan before moving to Detroit.
     Since Jan.2012 throught the year,
                                                          I was sincerely greatful for Mr. Kodac M80. allowing me to submitmy beats to him, one reason because hes blessed beats by some of my favorite producers: Nick Speed of G-Unit, 14KT of Athletic Mic League and The Lab Tecs, Vaughn-T of the Lab Tecs, Decompoze, etc, secondly I was a completely uknown and aspiring producer known only thru the 15 beat tapes I released from Feb. 2012-Dec.2012, he gave me his ear and we frequently talked through weekly phone calls and our conversations the topic of music was never brought up, we mostly talked about life, family, what we have up for the weekend or week etc, I gained his respect from my work work eithic by which he followed via "Facebook" and that is how we got connected, I gained a Friendship, Brother, Mentor, as well as A person who I admired for his talent and being the living definition of Artists but also as a business man as he is an self signed Artist and has artist and producers alike under his own Independent label called G.F.G. Entertainment which stands for G.ifts F.rom G.od as the acronym defines and their mission statement is #WeALLHaveAGift. Kodac broke the meaning down to me over the phone "The Gift I speak of is not given with hopes of gaining something in return, the gift is simply given so that can be shared and maybe inspire, motivate those who recieve it to find, channel, discover their own "Gift" that they can one day give, share and touch a person. I developed a regiment of sending Kodac about 10 beats a week, over several days not all at once within a few emails, which meant he got the newest, exclusives before any one else of which he admired and that along with my Beat Tape grind showed him how disciplined and Passionate I was about my craft.
     Nov. 30, 2012,
                           A trusted source who shal remain nameless told me of a historic project Kodac was planning in December 2012, it was historic numerogically and secondly it was something that no artist in this history of the Music Industry had ever done Mainstream or Underground. It was to be called the 12.12.12. Project, due to the sequential and rareness of this being the last time in this century where the month,day, and year would be numerically identical and that it was going to be a international project of which Kodac was planning to release a song a day for the first 12 days of December and he actually used one of my beats laid vocals along with another MC by the name of Jahsua Young and was the  tenth song todrop on 12.10.2012 the track was titled Belle Island and was actually about a year old but he had it recorded around Jan 2012 for an upcoming project. We without further adue I present Kodac M80

feel free to listen and buy the tracks you like or the whole project support dope hip hop, music from the soul, relateable music! Sincerely,


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