Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Allow Me 2 Re-Introduce Myself! (My Bio)


What’s good peeps, My name is Nate OG, I am an up and coming producer from Michigan and I’ve been producing music since 2008 and am mostly known for my artist themed beat tapes such as: The GOS Tape, Motor City Soul Tape Series, and Damita Jo Tape.
I began as a novice DJ spinning at my family’s house parties of which my fam is known for having the best. My earliest memory of music was when I was about seven years old and we threw my dad (RIP) A birthday party and him and my uncle Emery were playing their bass guitars. Seeing the enjoyment of that moment made me become interested in music. I remember Living In Detroit, Michigan and my mom would be cooking dinner or cleaning the house and she would play Mix 92.3 radio station which was the only all R & B and Soul Station in Detroit at the time, and I would listen to FM 98 WJLB which was all Hip Hop and by mistake would run across the source material for some of my favorite hip hop songs on my mother’s radio station mentioned earlier. Even In Detroit I would make mix tapes of the hottest songs and sell them in the neighborhood and at the local McDonalds where I was employed for bus fare and lunch money.
In 2007, my younger cousin from Kenosha, Wisconsin came to visit and he played me some of his albums of him rapping over instrumentals of popular hip hop songs and he had skills so I talked to my family about me buying an MPC 1000 to learn to produce of which It took me about five months to save up the thousand dollars to cop it. I finally got my MPC and began watching YouTube beat making vids and trying to imitate Boonie Mayfield aka Boon Doc who I wanted to be as good as and failed horribly lol. I was uploading vids to YouTube of my beats and was getting comments like 'you should sell your MPC' and things of that nature so I decided to quit making beats until Dec. 08’. And ever since then I’ve been consistently making beats. In Jan. 2012, I was recruited to an indie label called A-Voyagin Music Group and that consists of me, Fonzifree who is an ill mc/producer. ER Da Kid Wonder another ill mc/producer. Mark Millie an ill mc. And Kid Vantage another ill mc. I also am part of a collective of YouTube producers as we are known as Da Click, I came up with an idea while working on a beat tape that we all should collab on beat tapes together due to the fact all members are dope beyond dope on the beats but have never done any beat tapes or instrumental projects and also to introduce them to the world outside of YouTube to give them some exposure. Shout out to the click, you know who you are! I am also a newly recruited member of The Rap Alliance of which I was recruited by a fellow Beat Inn Member named Raymond Schinnery Jr. And I’m also producing for My cousin, I mentioned earlier, on the Indie Label Sky Hop Entertainment which is based in Wisconsin.
Last December I received my first placement from a Metro-Detroit artist named Kodac M80 and I was a part of an international produced project called 12.12.12. of which he dropped a song a day for the first 12 days of December and I am working on having him as a guest appearance on my debut album “The Nate OG Chronicles” which features me on the boards with some of my closest comrades as guests of which I’m hoping to get finished by the end of the year. I’m currently working on a lot of collab projects with various artists, and producers so stay tuned to the site as you will be kept up to date on new projects. Also I am networking with some of Detroit’s best kept secrets on the underground scene.
I would like to thank Simon Thompson and the Downrock Records team for allowing me this opportunity to be a part of his brand.

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