Friday, March 20, 2015


1.Whatup family, Now I’ve had the honor of seeing you using your gift and even though we have known each other a very short time, for those who may not be familiar with your work, feel free to introduce yourself?
Hey my name is blizzard the mad scientist lol i am just or average friendly neighborhood producer/emcee and Spiderman on the weekend’s lol

2. Now Blizzard, that’s a dope name I prob already know the significance of the name but for those who may not know explain the meaning to the name and what it represents?
well blizzard was a name that stuck after a while and it grew as i grew first it was blizz then yung blizz and i hit 20 and just kept it blizzard and the mad scientist part was added due to me getting into producer battling

3. What is your earliest recollection of music?
 When i was younger and listening to big herk still guilty and a ton of rock bottom

4. Who are some of your influences as an MC/Producer and how did they inspire you?
My producer influences are
1. Araabmuzik
2.9th wonder
3. Just blaze
Emcee influences
1. Big L
2. Cassidy
3. Dipset

5. What was the moment you feel in love with music aka your brown sugar moment?
When i freestlyed to get my Gameboy color back lol its silly but i couldn’t get it back until i did a 16 bar freestyle and it was all history

6. What was the moment you realized that you had a gift with music and when did you decide that this was something you wanted to pursue?
When beat making and writing became fun and i could not keep track of time because i was either writing or checking out new sounds and drums

7. Which do you enjoy most MCing or Producing, cuz you're nice at both in my opinion?
loll well both i got my moment where i can produce anything but can’t write a bar and i got my time where i can write a dozen tracks and have beat block

8..When did you start MCing and Producing not to show age but what year did you start?
I started both at the golden age of thirteen but it didn’t get serious until about 17

9. What is your stance on the digital vs. analog debate as far as gear?
I feel it is what you were brought up using and where your skill set it better
I’ve seen and heard good and bad it’s all in how you use your equipment to me

10. What is your stance on the e-digging vs. vinyl debate?
Well i think it’s more on the records you are looking for and the kind of sound you want
While e-digging gives you an HQ sound vinyl give you that grimy feel and you can replicate that with a digital copy

11.What is the local scene like In Detroit, we are both from there but iI reside just outside Grand Rapids tho?
The local scene in the city has anything you are looking for hip-hop gospel jazz edm all that good stuff

12.Does the local scene affect your creative process?
not really the people i work with and people who hear what i have to offer and i usually try to keep a little of everything if possible

13.What is your creative process as an MC and Producer?
well to be honest and this will sound kinda lame but i usually watch some super sentai (which is the  Japanese source material for power rangers) kamen  rider and play with some drum patterns snares and chops and the magic just happens
and when i am emceeing it’s just my mood lol you can hear it in my verses if im angry or in a good mood

14.What does your lab setup consists of not to give away any classified secret weapons and also how has it changed over the years?
Lol man I don’t hide anything but right now I just use my laptop and my beats by dre headphones and and mpd 18 and elbow grease
15.How do you define your sound and brand, what sets you apart from everyone else as a MC and Producer?
My sound has changed over time but now I am more classic hip hop now
16.What are some of you current projects and where can we find them?
Well I have a few things I am working  on  I have  my mix tape which  is  titled  after a Richard Pryor record “super nigga” and my coming beat tape #Shelia iktape
Also I have some work with sunny cartel
Yung souja  and black tie collective
King quartz a vapor wave mastermind
YouTube t-gunz an local up and coming artist I did a song this is for my
Mark cooper
Some things for aztek the barfly
And hopefully a few other things you may hear soon
17.What are some of you future projects and which ones are you looking forward to most?

18. What are some of your pet peeves as an MC and Producer?
I don’t have many lol my biggest one would be that if you don’t want to grow or expand
19.How do you feel about the Detroit Vs Everybody Movement, it seems to be getting a mixed reaction with some of the veterans in the Detroit scene?
I feel is it an excellent movement I think that if it goes as well as I hope then a lot more talent will shine and Detroit will be back to what it is known for
20.With the exception of Dej loaf, Big Sean, DoughBoy Cashout, Clear Soul Forces , who do you see being the artist to give Detroit the most exposure when they get on?
Man it may sound super cliché but its really too many too name
Lol a few tho would be anyone AOE (souja,ant.swiz,beezy)
Umm 3six
Mark lol that guy has some shit
21.Do you represent and Companies, or Labels, if so who are they and how long have you been affiliated?
Not at the moment
22.Do you have any special shout outs or thanks feel free to do so here?
Ummmmm again shout out to sound proof Yung Fam AOE black tie umm king quartz
Axe ripper and
23.What are some jewels that you would like to pass along to those who want to pursue this craft?
I would say enjoy yourself and make sure that when you show your talent you  have confidence
24. Any final thoughts for the readers or anything we didn’t cover?

Not any I can think of at the moment  

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