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1. Peace and blessings Fam, thanks for honoring Me with this interview. I know that You are dope beyond dope at Your craft, but for those who may not know who You are, please feel free to introduce Yourself?

Peace! 1st & 4most… I want 2 say thank U, 4 the opportunity 2 reintroduce Myself. Officially I am The Intergalactic Sorcerer Supreme DOC STRANGE A 1Won Journalist Piranha 7-2. Or 4 short Doc Strange (THEE ORIGINAL) formally of the group Legends Of M.E.T.R.O.Y.D. I’ve been doing this as an MC, Prod, Eng. & Performer 4 some time now. I’ve worked for such labels as Uptown MCA & Bad Boy doing AnR work & promotions as well as helping AnR staff at Mercury, PolyGram, Polydor & lastly PMD Records.

2. Doc Strange, that’s a dope name but explain how You came up with it and the special meaning behind it?
Easiest answer is/was Doc Strange Marvel Comics Character but much deeper is My uncanny & “Strange” character since I was very young.

3.Who inspired You as an MC/DJ?

My Brother & His crew Musique Disco (1979-81) is My humble beginnings. After that the Cold Crush, Fearless 4, UltraMagnetic MC’s, Public Enemy & De La Soul 2 name a few.

4.What is Your earliest memory of music?

As long as I can remember, My Parents were into music… all genres.

5.When did You fall in love with music and hip-hop aka Your brown sugar moment?

Music is between The Jackson 5, Chic & Slave. As far as Hip Hop… all of it, from the very start. The Bronx, Grandpa Bam & Zulu, Flash & The Furious 5, Herc, Wild Style, Rock Steady & Sugar Hill.

6.How long have You been an MC/DJ not to show age but what year did You get started?

1981 I started Emceeing, a little bit of DJing & dancing throughout. I started producing around 86/87, I am/was an artist as well, mainly a graphic artist more than graffiti one.

7.What was the moment You realized that You had a talent for music?

85-86 a school yard battle & summer show we entered. I did not win the battle, (at least not in My mind) but that, as well as the response from the crowd at the summer show was phenomenal, it made a large impression.

8. When did You decide that this was something You wanted to pursue?

The summer of 87, going into Sophomore year of high school.

9.What is the local scene like where You live?

Crazy!!! I am from the Class of 90-92- meaning I am from Essex County NJ. Which consist of cities like East Orange, Newark, and Montclair. Now what this means is High School talent shows, park jams & club performances were We rocked with, against or around/in front of… Let alone lived near, went 2 school with or ran with such names as (1) The Original Flavor Unit= 45 King, Latee, Mark Fresh, Lak Shabazz & Latifah (2) Art Of Origin= Chino XL & Kerri Chandler (3) New Style= Naughty By Nature (4) Do It All Do= Lords Of The Underground [when Redman was the DJ] (5) That’s Them= Artifacts (6) Refugee Camp= Fugees… just 2 name a few.

10.What is Your current lab set up and how has it changed over the years?

I was the ASR 10 Man; I came up on multiple pieces of equipment and a 4 track. Now it seems 2 B cut & paste and some speakers. The major change is the analog 2 digital.

11. What is Your creative process as an MC?

It varies with the material, song or concept. Mainly I C things… as they come, I go 2 write it down, sometimes I voice record it, color code &/or clue/que Myself the lyrics.

12.What are some of Your current projects and where can We find them?

I have been on sabbatical until recently. U shall B able 2 find My work very soon, unfortunately I will have 2 tell U on the next meeting. I have released material in 92 thru 96 that is about 2 B recycled or actually has been re-released in Canada & now making it’s way back 2 the states.

13.What are some of Your future projects and which ones are You looking forward to most?

My Artist are on the rise, I have some label/studio compilations in the work, however the most is “The Return Of Doc Strange: Back From 5 Fathoms Deep” & “Doppelganger Xecution”

14.Do you represent any companies or labels and if so who are they and how long have you been affiliated? 

Yes I do DARK MATTER SOLUTIONS- Consultants/Management (which has been going since 2007-08); Rosa International LLC (2013) & Magma Core Recording Center (2015 rebirthed from the ashes of the other studio [2012] which no longer exist obviously)
15.Tell me more about Your radio show Strange Nation on Smashmouth FM?

IT IS THEE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE!!! An Xcursion, An Xpedition, An Xperience… In Sound, Sight & Smell, “Strange Nation Wit DJ 2 Fast The Tour Guide” is 3 hours of Edutainment in Iconic Pop Culture with World Music as the backdrop.

16. How can people stay connected to You?

At the current moment the studios fb & twitter (MagmaCoreRC@fb & MagmaCoreRC on twitter). Bsides that

17. Do You have any jewels for aspiring artist?

B YOURSELF but More Importantly- NO Compromise & guard your integrity. U can make it without the buffoonish, perverting or Xploiting of Yourself.

18. Any special shout outs or special thanks if so feel free to do so?

1st All Praise is due 2 the Creator of The Heavens & Earths! Family, My Brothers Woo, Raheem & B Magnetic; A- Form & Magma Core; My DJ 2 Fast & LTUZN… DARK MATTER (The whole team i.e.: Kali Kartel, Split Personality, OmarE, OmaRnB, Mix Masta Freak, MC Crisis & Cherif Seck) MAKE THE WORLD WITNESS! Dr. Grant & Rosa International (The Rose Garden), The SmashmouthFM Family- (Daddy Raw, T Soul, Luv DLux, Mr. Finney, Ghost & Everybody else) The Laser Squadron, 151 Feva Gang (Sal Good, P Dot, Chad Piff Kherk Cobain) MUSIQUE DISCO & Last but not least on the sure shot… its The Zulu Nation.

19. How do you define your sound and what sets You apart from other artist?

Organic Empowerment… Edutainment infused with Pageantry, Depth & Sweep. 4 Us it’s a way of life & We live it as We love it… Can’t… No, Won’t Say That About Others. Perhaps they don’t include the adventure in2 it.

2O. What is the difference between an MC and a Rapper?

Rappers envelope words 2 present 2 an audience, in hopes that the audience, is impressed with what they, the rapper believes is their gift. MC’s- Masters of Ceremony engage an audience giving 2 them The Elements of Plot, Rhyme & Reason as well as Lyrics 2 Go, thus engulfing them in an oratory presentation that the listener may come away from enlightened, enchanted & a witness 2 the gifted use of speech!!!
Do You have any final thoughts for the Readers?

Stay tuned!!! 2 this man… Nate OG! I am humbled & honored as well as much appreciative 2 U G, 4 this interview. Focus on the future & don’t fall 4 the New Jim Crow, even though some of ya’ll the Ole Jim Crow. Either way stay sharp. PEACE…

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