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1. Whats good family, Now I know how u get down at your chosen craft but for those who may be unfamiliar feel free to introduce yourself?

 I first want to thank you,  for the opportunity for this interview,  and I'm honored brother!  My name is DJ T Soul,  I have 2 shows on Smashmouth FM, Every Sunday from 4-8 pm est,  I rock "Lost Vintage Soul" for that throwback,  rare, and popular Soul music from 60's,  70's and 80's!  And every Tuesday,  I have "Beats, Rhymes and Life" from 9-11 pm est. I rock that True School,  boom bap, Soulful Hip Hop! 

2.What was the moment you feel in love with music? 

As far as I can remember fam! I was always intrigued with the music aspect of things,  example, I'm a 70's kid, so when my dad would bring home Marvin,  Earth, Wind and Fire, Ohio Players,  etc, I wanted to know who was playing the instruments,  produced it, and so on, this was at a very early age! So there isn't one moment,  it's a collage of moments! 

3.How long have you been a DJ not to show age but what year did you start? 

Hahaha, I'm proud of my age, I'm 44! Been dealing with DJ ing off and on since 1986. The first that rulled Hip Hop was the DJ! So I always admired the DJ, and back then they rocked the crowds all night! Shout out JMJ, Flash, Caz, Grandmaster Dee, Jazzy Jeff, Theodore,  Terminator X, Anice(Trenton NJ), Scratch, Kid Capri, Charlie Chase, etc! Those names are Legends!

4,What is the local scene like where you live currently? 

I love the scene here in NC, there is a lot of True School artists here that are talented, really talented! So many functions,  that I can't keep up,  hahaha, but that's how it should be! The only thing I wished for is for all of these artists would link up and support each other. Other hip hop artists from North Carolina include L.E.G.A.C.Y., The Away Team, Darien Brockington, Edgar Allen Floe, Chaundon and Cesar Comanche (all of the Jusus League collective), as well as Kaze, Ski, Travis Cherry, Troop 41, Lazarus, Thee Tom Hardy, The Beast, Bryce Snow, Harvey Blount and The Nobodies. Brotha Soul and Supastition, and of course you know of Jamla Records, Big Remo, Act Proof, Rapsody,  Soul Council,  9th Wonder,  and others. Kooley High, J Cole,  Watkinz Da General,  Idriys Da God,  many others that I'm forgetting,  so the scene is loaded and beautiful! 

5.In your opinion what is the difference between a rapper and MC? 

A rapper is an artist without substance,  just writing bs, and want to blend in with the rest. An emcee, is what the God Rakim said,  "Moves the crowd" has substance,  has the ability of the art of moving butts! 

6.What are some of your pet peeves about the state of hip hop currently?

 I have a number of pet peeves,  hahaha, one is people are so quick to label a new artist king of throne without a proper body of work! Nah, you have to put in work to claim the throne,  another thing is this Iggy bs about people being upset about white artist getting all the love and Hip Hop has a long history with Great White artists in the game! Don't get me wrong the Iggy bs is not on my radar,  I don't get down with that bs, but now I'm hearing white are now benefitting from Hip Hop as pertaining to artistry,  I'm confused because I rock with Moka Only,  3rd Bass, Paul C (RIP), Brother Ali, Beastie Boys,  EL P, Action Bronson,  RA, the rugged man, and these artists are True School Hip Hop! Period! 

7.Who are some of your influences as a DJ? 

Anice, Babu,  A-Track, Rob Swift, Cash Money, Scratch, Mix Master Mike, Roc Raida,  Qbert, Father Shaheed,  Terminator X, Jazzy Joyce, Tim Westwood,  Marley, Marl, Red Alert, Awesome 2, Stretch Armstrong,  Bobbitto,  Pete Rock, Premier,  Tony Touch,  JMJ, Caz, GM Dee, Jazzy Jeff,  Theodore,  Kid Capri,  Bambaataa,  Kool Herc!

8.What are some things that you find artists today are lacking? 

Originality!  You can be dope, but different at the same time! That is why The Golden Era from 1986-1996 you had so many dope, creative music! It was like a competition between producers to see who can be original,  and the emcees wanted to simply be the best! Don't get me wrong, you still have some that still do that but not getting the spin like it should. 

9.Explain the concept of the team you put together which I am a member of called the 5ive DV's, How did it come about? 

Well on my show Beats Rhymes and Life,  I interview the artists that I like, with you included and eventually some of the artists hung out during show in chat room and bonded, and this ties in with last question,  because I wanted to composed of a super group of producers that also emcee, and each individual brings something new, refreshing and dope to the table! We are bringing that Boom bap, Soulful Hip Hop to you every day,  all day!  The 5ive DV's consist of Nate OG,  Idriys Da God,  Watkinz Da General,  Reklist aka Rekonize and last but not least J Blacco! So be on the lookout for us some time this year with a new project for 2015! We did have a holiday project called "Soulful Greetings" you can get it here, if you haven't got it yet!

9.Who are some of your favorite artist?

 Phonte, Von Pea, Mindzeye,  Carolina Dirty, Amiri, Spectac,  5ive DV's,  Soul Council,  Madlib,  Pete Rock, Premier,  Rapsody, Edgar Allen Floe,  Alchemist,  Elzhi, Black Milk,  Rena, Daru, Def Dee, Moka Only, Jon Rogers, Mr Brady, ELPJ,  SkyBlew,  J Bels to name a few. 

10. Any advice for those aspiring into your chosen field? 

Stay true to yourself,  don't be influenced to deter by anyone. Have to be willing to work hard at your craft, don't expect anyone to help you out, and expect to fall, it's about how you pick your self up! This game is a roller coaster ride, the  music is the easiest part, it's the business side that make an artist want to quit,  especially if they are making music of quality and substance. Don't stop, keep rocking!  Keep Rocking! 

11.Any special thanks if so place them here? 

Yes, you for giving me this opportunity,  My hometown of Trenton NJ,  home Poor Righteous Teachers,  all of NJ,  NY, PA, DC, VA,  Portland, Oregon,  all of NC, especially the RDU area! 5ive DV's,  My Smashmouth FM family,  DJ Daddy Raw, DJ Mpress,  DJ Dre Wills, DJ Ghost, Doc Strange and DJ 2 Fast, DJ RIC E Smith,  DJ Thomas Krowne,  DJ Luv Dlux,  DNA Sports, DJ Infinite,  DJ Taktixx,  DJ Daddy Dre, remember to check every day for the best in Soul,  and Hip Hop,  every night there is a live show and we have music running 24/7 on website. Also shout out to DJ G Lo aka G Money!  And course my family,  all across the board,  if it wasn't for them there wouldn't be no me!

12.What is True School Hip Hop to you and how do you define it?

 Simple answer.... Look into the mirror...What do you see? If you don't see Hip Hop,  then your not Hip Hop!  Real heads know what I'm talking about!  Peace

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