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  1. Whats good family, now I am a huge fan since I heard u on houseshoes let it go album but for those who may not be familiar with your craft, feel free to introduce yourself.
  2.  Peace. This is Anthony Jackson...also known as Big Tone. A west side Detroit native. And I’m a musician.
2. Who are some of your influences and what did u incorporate from their styles into your signature style? 
Most of the stuff that has majorly influenced me is from a time that’s considered the Golden Era of Hip Hop. So the early 90’s mostly...Tribe, Pete and C.L., Main Source, Hiero, EPMD, Rakim, and alot of hip hop releases from that time period inspired my upbringing alot. The Detroit hip-hop community has been really influential on me as well. Artists like Dilla, Royce, Waajeed...their music had a big impact on me and my approach to the craft. 
3.I wanted to tell u that your latest single "The Crib" is a classic from DJ Dez and DJ Butter "A Piece Of The Action" album but when did you start MC/Producing what to show age but what year did you start? 
Good look! I’m excited that it’s resonating with the people. To anyone reading this, make sure to grab that “Piece of The Action” LP when it drops. That’ll be another Detroit hip hop artifact to have. To answer the question, I’ve been rhyming since a child. It’s hard to remember when, exactly....maybe 9-10 years old. I wasn’t writing songs or anything, I used to just freestyle alot. I really didn’t get serious about it until after high school. Producing would happen a couple years later...around 19 years old or so. 
4.What was the event or moment when you knew this was what you wanted to pursue? 
Those early studio experiences impacted me like that. I always wanted to be in the lab, whether I was working on the music myself or not. I just loved the environment, so I wanted to be in the lab all the time.
5.What do you enjoy more MCing or Producing? 
The go hand in hand. I enjoy the beat making creative process more, but being able to share my voice with people is an honor in it’s own right. I really enjoy both.
6.I currently reside just outside grand rapids Michigan but what is the local scene like? 
I don’t get out to local events as much as I’d like to these days...which is something that I’m hoping to change. But I feel the local music scene has always been commissioned by the artists, dj’s and curators, nurtured and supported by the communities, and housed in intimate clubs and pubs scattered throughout the city. The faces and places change, but the culture remains the same. 
7.What does your lab set up consists of and do you have a favorite piece of gear? 
I got a real simple set up. I’m running logic on a mac, with a Metric Halo interface, a Bluebird mic, a Focusrite channel strip, Korg Synth, and an MPC 2000XL ...which is my favorite piece. I’m actually planning to revamp and open a fully facilitated studio over the next year, but it’ll still be pretty simple in structure. I  feel like it helps with the work flow. 
8.What is your creative process as a MC and Producer? 
Not much to it. I just try to connect and create amongst artists that inspire me. I’ve got a nice environment to create in. So  we just sit in the lab or outside on the porch, elevate and kick it. Eventually beats and rhymes and songs happen.  
9.Does the local scene affect your creative process at all? 
Yeah. Artists around here have inspired me for so long, it’s fresh when we get the chance to work together. I’m blessed to have some great talent that comes through and let me be apart of some dope projects. 
10.What are some of your current projects and where can they be found? 
The most current work I’ve released is available at the Swank Addict Bandcamp page. I dropped 3 EP’s this year. “No Thieves In the Temple”, “Clear?” and “LAWDHAMMERCY” are all available there. 
11.What are some of your future projects and which ones are you looking foward to most.
 I’m looking forward to all of them. It’s been a minute for me, so I can’t wait to start hitting people off with the new releases. The first up is a free download LP called “God Bless You” that I’ll be dropping soon. We’ve actually just released the God Bless You video this week, too. The next album is a collab LP with the homie Fuzz Scoota called “BLK MRKT MNPLY”, which I definitely feel like is some of my best work to date. Then me and Houseshoes have this “Big Shoes” project we’ve been working on the past year that’s due top of 2015...which is gonna be one for the books, too. Then there’s my album, “Dare To Wonder”, named after an artist creative development program that we’re building. No timeline yet, but I’m workinonit.   
12. Do you represent any labels or companies? 
If so how long have you been affiliated with them? Swank Addict, which is my immediate circle of friends. Loveturl, which is our artist collective and homies on the west coast. BLK MRKT MNPLY, which is our new product line. And Dare to Wonder is our recording studio and creative development program. That’s it. 
13.What are some of the pros and cons for being an independent artist vs a major label artist as you see it? 
I think it’s not much difference. There’s more debt hanging over the head of a major label act, due to more of a financial investment being made. The indie artist has the blessing of the bigger piece of the pie, yet comes along with the challenge of handling the operation and expenses. I think most indie artists I know dislike the fame game, work without managers, and rely on the nearby supporters and coworkers to build with. And most major label artists I’ve known take the fame that comes along with  the marketing and promotion as it comes, have management teams, and work within business network. But at the end of the day, it all comes down an artist doing everything they can to inspire the people enough to create a demand worth supplying. 
14. What is your take on the analogue vs digital debate on producing? 
Dope is dope. I feel whatever pieces allow an artist to be in the is what it is. I love the work flow that the digital realm provides, but I’m also a conspiracy theorist and I’m leary of computers without cd drives, and I have nightmares about crashing hard drives/systems and all that. But the MPC’s and hardware based pieces come along with tracking processes that take a long time and parts that need to be replaced, and lots of cables and cords and shit like that. At this point, I’ll alwys be one part analogue, and one part digital. 
15.How would you define your sound and brand and what sets you apart from other artist? 
I just do what I know to do. My thoughts and ideas over music that I like to hear. Sometimes I’m dead serious, and sometimes I’m having fun. 
16.Do you have any jewels for those who are aspiring to pursue this as a career? 
Make your space in the lane you love, and love the lane you’re in. The people that are supposed to rock with what you do will, and those that aren’t, won’t. So just focus on your movement and growth, and let the rest be. 
17. Do you have any Special shout outs or thank yous? Shout outs to the lightworkers of the world. Spread love. 
18.What does a typical day for you consists of? 
If I’m handling my biz, I meditate in the morn, center my thoughts, address the current order of affairs, eat breakfast, work, make phone calls, work out, clear off the eraser boards, unwind, and enjoy the fam until the next episode.  
19. Any final thoughts for the readers? 
Let’s do what we love, and see where it get’s us. Peace.

Anthony "Big Tone" Jackson
Swank Addict, LLC
p: 313.378.4585

Big Tone X House Shoes, "Big Shoes LP", COMING SOON!!!

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