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Nate OG @NATEOGDET Interviews Hip Hop Icon and Big Bro Dave NY @DAVENEWYORK

1.Whats good big bro and thanks for blessing me with this interview and opportunity. now for those who may not know who you are and what you do? feel free to take a minute and let the readers know a little more about yourself. Who you are? Where are you from? and What you do?
ts ya man Dave New York originally from Queens NY but lived in 4 outta the 5 Burroughs main thing i do is rent cars to the stars, tour manage & hype man for Bishop Lamont

2..Now Dave, I first got hip to you via the The J.Dilla track off the shining i believe called "Baby" featuring one of my fav MCs Guilty Simpson whom i hope to work with one day. and Madlib at the end of the track, for those who may still be unfamiliar how long have you been in the culture of hip hop and what has your experience been like from an insiders point of view? 

I've been into hip hop since DJ Kool Herc tapes YES I had some my mom you say turn that shit off its trash blah blah blah and when she was on her death bed she told me Dave i envy you & so proud of you, your love for this music & culture never stopped its paid your bills you've made some of the best friends you could of made and its taken you around the world I'm so sorry i used to put it down I'm so glad you didn't listen to me GOD Rest Her Soul hearing that come from my moms mouth was like the most amazing things I've ever heard

3. I know there are alot of bandwagon jumpers or people that want to be cool by association cuz of the things you have accomplished since your ventures into management and who you are affiliate with, what are some common misconceptions that you would like to clear up abut who you are as a person? and is it hard to tell the genuine people from people looking for a handout?  

honestly most think I'm P Diddy or some shit and I'm REALLY NOT I've always kept it REAL ill always keep it real the people I've met, become friends & fam with i don't take for granted its been a BLESSING believe me if you would of told me 15 years ago id be friends / fam with Black Thought Questlove & the Roots crew, Common, Dilla, Big Pun,Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, etc etc i would've said whatever you're smoking i need some of that but here we are!! BLESSED!!! as for the folks that ask me for shit its like this YES i will listen to their music and ill be 100% honest and most folks can't handle the truth! as far as drops or intro / outro's go if i know you i got you but folks need to understand i don't have my own studio so i gotta pay for it and if i don't know you why would i pay for studio time just to give you a drop intro / outro lets keep it 100 you wouldn't do it if it was me asking ya feel me most folks get it but then there is that few that get all butt hurt GTFOH with that lame shit

4.Where do you currently reside and where are you originally from? i know the hint is you name but for the readers who may know you being in one place and not the other? 

i live in Los Angeles the city of fake smiles and shady i got you hand shakes it is what it is lol

5.Since you are Bi-Costal what are some of the things that are similar in the culture of hip hop and what things do you believe are different?

 theres a big difference between west and east NOT a bad thing just the way we dress, kicks we rock in NY most don't rock out here in LA most folks know right away I'm from NY not just cuz of my ink but, my clothes & my kicks tell em

6.Tell me more about your company that you represent and what made you create it? how is the structure of it and the services you provide? When was It established? 

honestly i have to give praise to MC Serch it was his idea for me to go on my own and work off a commission i practically doubled my salary leaving corp america Make It Happen is words i live by i will find away to make any of my clients happy thats why they call me i stay true to them i stay loyal to them i go out of my way to please them and they give me that loyalty and love back I'm telling you I'm so BLESSED

7.Does the trends where you reside affect the direction of your company such as clients etc? 

the car shit i do here in LA every now and then i get a call for other places and i gotta work my magic its not easy i don't come threw every time but 85-90% i do Since I'm 1 person i just wanna keep it here in LA i can't be there and here to make sure shit goes smoothly so my direction isa circle covering LA <-- saves me a headache lol

8.What are some of you current projects and how can people cop them?

 i have a mixtape out i did with Phoreyz for those that don't know about him WAKE UP DL any of the posted mixes you won't be sorry we're working on our 2nd mixtape coming out in may ( we both have jobs lol ) 

9. What are some of your future projects or events and which ones are you looking forward to the most? 

right now working with Bishop Lamont finishing up his album gonna tour than go HEAVY on my album YES my album 'Ive Gotta Story To Tell' Bishop Lamont is the exec producer and i couldn't of asked for a better exec the features are ridiculous IM NOT TELLIN lol

10. Since Its Dilla Month which i celebrate his legacy all year roun,  what do you think are some major misconceptions about Jay Dee and His and yours friendship and Would you share one of your fav Dilla memories? and a jewel you learned from him?

 most folks don't realize Dilla didn't care about the fame or money as long as he had a roof over his head studio was right he was eating and able to dig he was good the jewel i learned from Dilla that i carry with me daily is POSITIVITY no matter how bad shit gets theres always a positive to it even when Dilla was sick he wasn't on some poor me shit or feel sorry for me HELL NO he was still being Dilla still making beats til his last breathe!! as far as a memory fam i have so many from the 1st week he was here up until he got sick we would go sneaker shopping just about every sunday hit up HotWings Cafe or Roscoes <-- he got me drinking those damn SunRises SHIT NOW I WANT 1 haha or even when we just kicked it burned 1 or 2 and talked music & basketball but mostly music Dilla schooled me on a lot of different music that NO way i would of ever peeped may not understand what they're singing but most of it was mad dope

11. How can people connect and stay updated with you and your brand? 

facebook Dave Ny
Twitter @davenewyork ig @davenewyork

12. .you have any jewels for the readers that maybe entering the Industry? 

keep it real always set a goal and don't stop til you reach it then set another goal go ham after it and always always ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE 

13. .Do you have any special thanks or shout outs feel free to do them here? 

thank you pimp for reaching out to me for this interview S/O my son Marc the BIGGEST blessing of my life if i didn't have you i wouldn't of had the job at Budget that got this life of mine rolling in the right direction and to every artist thats ever called me & still calls me for whips and letting me into the family Black Thought QuestLove for walking into my office & changing my life forever Common forever grateful for introducing me to Dilla, Kweli for giving me so many opportunities and being my brother Killa Ghanz, Phat Kat, all my family in the D Love!  and last but NOT least J Dilla for not only being the best brother anyone could wish for but if it wasn't for Dilla id still be just Dave NY the car rental guy it was his idea to record me & immortalize me even tho i thought he was joking til i got to the studio and he said BIG Dave you ready to lay vocals and a couple blunts later it was done haha NO it wasn't done in 1 take lol S/O Ma Dukes what you lack in height you have in your heart you are 1 of the strongest caring & loving person i know i love you!!!

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