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1. thank you for blessing me with this interview and giving the readers and soon to be new fans a chance to get to know you. Now I know that your a multi talented artist but tell the readers a little more about yourself. Who you are? What you do?and Where you are from?

Hey everyone! My name is Yung Miss. I am a 24 year old female singer/songwriter/producer/lyricist from Perris, CA.

2,The name Yung Miss is a dope name in itself how to did you come up with the name and what is the definition to you as an artist and brand?

I came up with Yung Miss one day after messing around on Myspace. They had a rap name generator and, while joking around with it, the name Lil Miss came up as a result for me. I kinda liked it so I took it and modified it a bit… I went with Yung Miss because it represents my music… Classy and a lil hood at the same time.

3.How long have you been a vocalist/MC not to show age but what year did you start?

I have been singing forever. I wrote my first song at age 8. I started writing raps and recording my music during my sophomore year in high school. That was in 2005.

4.Who are some of your influences that you have been inspired by over the years from when you got started till now?

A major influence of mine would be Lauryn Hill. I get compared to her a lot but I never see it as a bad thing. I was always fascinated by the way she could sing such a smooth melodic hook then kill them with the most deadliest 16 ever! That’s what I wanted to do! Kill them softly just like she did!

5.What was the moment when you said this is what I want to pursue as a career?

I think after I dropped my first album and it started getting the type of buzz that I never imagined it would I finally realized that this is something I could not only do because I love it but because I am pretty good at the business aspect of getting myself out there as well. I’m still working towards making my music more of a business and becoming my own boss.

6.What is the local scene like where you are from, I know the the west coast is a very diverse scene with every form of art medium from poetry to music?

The local music scene in my area has been booming lately! Especially in Riverside, there are shows almost every night in different venues and there are definitely certain acts putting in hard work to show off their talent!... The Westcoast is very diverse! You could go to a open mic for poetry and then walk down the street and catch a Punk Rock show then drive down the block to an artwalk. It’s a beautiful thing!

7.Does the scene where you life affect your creative process? like how you create or when you create?

I would say it affects me. It makes me competitive. I want to be one of the best in my area so I try and make music that will help me live up to that ambition. As far as when I create, my area affects that as well mainly because of the amount of shows I am offered, which is plenty. If I wasn’t at a show I would probably be home working on music so I’m not always able to release as much music as I’d like!

8.Now as a producer myself i love hearing about the creative process from the artist standpoint, so what is your process not trying to give away any trade secrets but just a overview?

Lol It’s all good. To me, it’s all about the music. I like to go through my emails and folders and listen to beats producers have sent me or even my own production and vibe to it. If I hear something that makes me immediately start humming, I queue up Notepad and start putting words to the melodies I cant stop humming. The rest is history!

9.How would you define your sound and brand as an artist?

Being a Gemini, my music is affected by my split personalities. I love making soulful neo-soul type music but then I like to keep it hip-hop too and spit some real lyrical ish. But then I might be kicking it with the homies and gas on a 16 and get cocky for a minute. My sound is multi-faceted and as an artist it helps with branding because Yung Miss is able to reach different sorts of fans.

10.Do you have any current projects out or in the works, Btw the J.Dilla Project was beautiful and classic,l and i became a instant fan and hope to collab with you in the future but where can fans find your current projects?

Thank you! The J. Dilla project is my baby! I spent so much time on that project and I really put my heart and soul into it so I am happy that people are actually enjoying it still almost 2 years later… You can find all my projects on

11.Do you have any future projects in the works and if so which ones are you looking forward to the most?

I am actually dropping a new EP this Friday called From Perris to Paris, produced entirely by French producer Tito Fiasco. It will be a short project just to hold listeners off until I drop my new album Waveforms in December!

12. Are you affiliated with any labels, companies etc if so what are they and how long have you been affiliated with them?

I’m pretty much a free agent at this point. I have had a couple offers but right now I feel like I can accomplish a lot on my own. So until I worn out to the bone and cannot continue without some help I might not be joining a label. I’d like to start my own one day soon though.

13.How can fans keep in touch and stay connected to you to stay updated on new projects etc?

All of the wonderful fans out there can follow me on Twitter @YungMiss and they can also stay updated on Facebook by visiting . My email is also open. Just send a message to YungMiss at my Gmail account.

14..Do you have any jewels for aspiring artist that you have helped you along the way into your career?

I think the best tip I can give to artist is that they should always believe in themselves and strive to be better. The combination of the two will always result in beneficial gains.

15.Do you have any shout outs or any special thank you's that you would like to give feel free to do so here?

I would like to thank my mother for all her support. I would also like to thank the So Cal Street Team ( Ric Rahk, Drizzle X, Absolute Idolist, T-Money, Mizz Ty). A huge shoutout goes to Nahni for always being my roaddog and helping me keep my head on straight while my body runs around like a chicken. I’d like to thank all the homeboys over at Royal Gambling Club & another shoutout to the geniuses over at

Than you very much for blessing me with this interview and i look forward to doing many more my friend.
Sounds great and thank you for this opportunity! 

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