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1. hi miss jewelz. i know you are a very talented and gifted at what you do. why dont you tell the readers a lil more about who you are? what you do? and where your from?
Thank you! My artist name is Crown Jewelz. I've been writing and rapping since the age of 14. I love it. Music is my life. I was born in Detroit, Mi home of the Lions Tigers and...Pistons! You thought I was gonna say Bears didn't you. Lol
2.where did your name come from? as i would refer to u as a queen and of royalty myself?
My real name, first and middle, is Tiara Jewel. Therefore my artist name was destined to be Crown Jewelz. Tiara meaning crown and Jewel..well meaning Jewel. Lol. The Crown Jewel is the most prized possession of the royal family!
3.what was the moment that you said to your self I wanted to be an MC?
After I heard Gucci Mane's hit single " So Icy". Lol. I loved that song. I already had a love for jewelry and flash. That moment just intensified everything about my auro I guess.
4. What are some of your influences?
My influence was mainly Gucci Mane. Some would say how in the world could he influence you. He was the only artist I listened to from the age of 14 to 17. The years 2006 through 2009 Gucci Mane was so consistent with mixtape drops songs and ideas. Even though he has over 3,000 songs I respect his originality more then his consistency. He had songs by the name of: Nickolodeon, Colors, Body Language, Million Dollar Man, Ms. Pacman, Mr. Perfect, Weirdo, Ice Game, Jewelry and many many more. All his songs had hooks catchy enough to gain him fans. I can't compare anyone to Gucci Mane and that's why he's my influence. His style generates not caring what others think all over it. Listening to him those years made me stay original in style and make songs about whatever I want or feel should be said. I never thought anything was too silly or crazy to be said. Some artists may fear ppl won't like what they say but I don't mind. After all everybody won't be a fan. At least my fans will be true fans.. enjoying genuine music from me!
5.How long have you been an  MC? What year did you start?
I've been an mc since 14. My first performance was at 17 tho if that makes a difference. I peformed at my nailtech's, Precious Taye, son Cellus 16th bday party. That was one of my most memorable moments as an artist! Thanks P. Taye.
6. What is the music scene like where you live and does it affect your creative process?
Violence. Drugs. Money. & Sex. Thats what the music scene consists of. Thats how it is in every urban area though. I've lived in suburbs in Michigan also, but I can tell you if I never lived in those places I would still rap the way I rap. My enviroment does not control my thought process. I'm openminded and an adventurer. Love to think and explore my mind. Too creative maybe lol
7.What is you creative process like no secrets but in general?
I started writing raps way before I  spit them to a beat. I actually wrote with no beat for the longest making my own rhyme pattern from just the flow of the words. Freestyle writing. I guess. I was enticed by the way the words looked on paper and thats how my rhyme pattern was accomplished. Now its just habitual. Paper or no paper.
8.Do you have any current projects out and where can we find them?
My 1st music video is on youtube for my song "Nintendo". Youtube search Crown Jewelz Nintendo. Also feel free to listen to my other songs on youtube. Like them if you like them! Don't forget to subscribe to stay updated!
9.What are your future projects and which ones are u looking forward to  most?
I'm currently working on my 1st mixtape entitled Crown Me Jewelz. Even though I've been writing since 14, my delivery just recently reached the point that I am most comfortable with. I talk very fast so it took me a minute to deliver the right way. Now the way i rap fits me and pacing myself comes natural.
I can't waitttt to drop more videos. I have so many ideas to bring to life!
10. How would you describe your sound or Style?
My style is hmmm.. random in one word. Never know what to expect in 5 words. Lol. Overall my sound is creative but still relevant. I may make a song out of pure imagination one day and one from a conspiracy theorists perspective the next. It all depends on where my mind is. Or everywhere my mind is. No adhd but as my mind wonders the lyrics wonder! Along with that, the realist in me makes songs about manipulation, trust issues, and a corrupt world. Things everybody can relate to.
12. Any words of wisdom for aspiring artist?
Stay true to yourself. Stay consistent. Keep making music. Never give up on your dream. & REMEMBER everybody is not going to be a Fan. Make music that your fans can relate to and not just you. Your fans are the only ones who truely matter. Keep them satisfied because as long as they like your music.. they will be loyal fans and always come back to support and hear more!
13. Any shout outs or thanks feel free to drop them here 
New music video coming soon shout out to Chris Haze of HD Films also from Detroit, Mi. and new music coming very soon. Shoutout to Mitten Boy Ent. For great audio engineering on my upcoming mixtape. They've been beyond supportive over there! Thanks Bryan for the flawless audio! Tez the barber, Snake, Lakes! EVERYBODY!! So many names yall know who yall are. Forgive me for not naming.. my messed up memory lol. Shoutout to FAAAB of Dark Shades Ent for support also. Its hard being an INDIE artist but its the best. No handouts means more self-gratitude once I reach the top. I have had a helping hand here and there but my mother is my #1 supporter in all aspects of my music career. Last shoutout thanks to you for this outstanding interview I enjoyed EVERY moment!

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