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1. Whats good bro ? Now I know what you are best known for? who you are? and all the dope work and classic work I might add,that you have you have done,. Why dont you introduce yourself to the readers tell them who you are? where your from and currently reside? and what you do as  Profession  or special hobbies/interest?

My name is Chaundon. I was born and raised in The Bronx, New York.  I currently reside in Raleigh NC.  I am a songwriter, producer, recording artist, and I run my own label, Golden Era Music Inc.

2. How did you get started for your career. what inspired you most to say I want to be a MC?Producer?

I've been rapping since 1990.  The inspiration to start
 my career as an emcee and producer was the local artists I grew up with in Hunts Point Ave.  They are Mike Smooth(R.I.P) and Fred Black.  Fred was the 
1st one who got me to start rapping but it was Mike Smooth who inspired me to make a career out of it.  
Back in the early 90's, Mike Smooth released his 1st single and the whole hood was rockin with him.  When I went to Flip Side Records, a local record store on Simpson Street in The Bronx, I saw vinyl with Mike's name on it and at that moment I knew it was possible for me to do the same.

3. How did you get your break or starting point as a Professional as far as the starting point that you realized that you  wanted to do this for a Career? Who gave you your break or how did it happen?

No one gave me my break.  I earned my spot by putting out music with my old team,
 The Justus League.  We made a name for ourselves in 1999 in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill
 area by putting out music and doing as many shows as possible. Once word got out on the internet on what was going on in NC, the rest was history.

4. How long have you been An MC Professionally not trying to show age just curious of the start year up till now. You are one of my influences as an artist as far as being the caliber of a actual MC that I would love to work with and build with?

I have been an emcee professionally since 2003.  When I released my 1st mixtape, "Slow Leaks", I made enough money to pay my rent, living in NY with out having a job.

5.Where you have lived and if its different than your current residence, what is the local scene like where you currently live?

The scene here in NC is wack.  There are a lot of dope artists here but the shows are not as frequent as they used to be.

6. Does your residence affect your creative process as far as output releases or how often you create your art and how so?

It doesn't matter where I am located.  I am a self motivator.  Plus my music is a 
reflection of my life, past present and future.  Its easy for me to create.  Since I run my own label there isn't any pressure to put out music so when ever I feel like putting it out, 
its out.

7.As an MC what is your creative process like as far as how you get inspired?

My process is easy.  Play the beat and write the song.  The beat is the inspiration.

8.Now Mr. Chaundon, I know you have recently made the transition to Producer of which i must admit you make me hit the lab hard after I here your Gem Stones on Soundcloud, 
What happened to spawn that transition or what inspired you to learn how to produce?

I always had the skill with picking records to flip I just didn't know how to work with the programs and hardware to execute it.  Last year I was bored and decided to learn it.  
Thanks to my artist, C-Minor, for teaching me how to use Fruity Loops 10 I've been on the boards ever since.

9.How long have you been producing and are you afilliated with any labels, tell the 
readers about your new company Golden Era Music Inc and what inspired you or 
made you want to have your own label and go the Independent route and your artist 
and roster and label structure?

I have been producing officially for 1 one year.  The inspiration for the creation of 
Golden Era Music Inc. was the lack of quality music being released in recent years. 
Instead of being the one to complain about the decline in music, I decided to be a 
part of the solution by starting a label, sign talented artist, and release high quality 
music.  Golden Era Music is not a hip hop label, it is a record label dealing with multiple genres.  We create music from the soul.  We are a reflection of the "Golden Era" of every genre. That means our music will last forever unlike the music that only lasts for 24 hours
 on the blogs these days.  The artists on the label so far are Rome Clientel & C-Minor.  They are absolutely the best at what they do.  I am a fan of their work and I am 100% confident in the music they create.  They will assist me in solidifying the Golden Era Music Inc brand in the music industry.

10.What are some of your future plans or releases that we can look forward to that you have in mind and how can the readers and your fans stay updated or connected wit you, your label, and any future projects or just you and your label in general?

The future releases are The Golden Era Music compilation this fall.  Rome, C-Minor, and I will be releasing our solo albums in 2014.  The fans can connect with us on twitter @CHAUNDON @RomeClientel @LifeInMyKey @GoldenEraMusic @THEGEMSTONES Also, &

11.Thanks Mr. Chaundon for this interview and I sincerely mean that on behalf of myself and the Do you have any jewels or Words of Wisdom for Up and Comers or Aspiring MCs and Producers that you could pass along to the readers and your fans?

Stay true to who you are and NEVER compromise your integrity for a quick check.

12. Do you have any shout outs or final words for the readers feel free to say them here?

Shout out to Big Dho, Rapper Big Pooh, Kim of MAK MEDIA, Joe Scudda, ATG, Kuddie Fresh, Shuko, The Gunna, Family Biz ENT, Empire Distribution, Es-K, M-Dot, Ace Dizzy Flow & Too Soon Jones

Recording Artist/Song Writer/Producer
Golden Era Music Inc.
twitter: @Chaundon 
BY THE WAY available on iTunes now

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